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Produkty sprzedawcy

Nazwa produktu Czas sprzedaży Dostepne Cena
PSN KUWAIT 5$ 0 1 4.00 USD
PubG 770 UC 1 2 10.00 USD
60$ Spotify code 0 2 50.00 USD
PSN SAUDI ARABIA 60$ 0 1 60.00 USD
$50 Skype Prepaid voucher 128 8 45.00 USD
premia 100$ Dellmont Top Reseller Topup-Instantly 9 2 101.00 USD
Playstation Network PSN $20 (USA) 78 3 19.80 USD
iTunes Gift Card - $10 USD - USA Version 1537 120 9.90 USD
10$ Skype Voucher 2371 48 9.50 USD

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Good news for sellers!

In the near future, a new system will be introduced which will protect sellers from cryptocurrency fluctuations. In other words, it will be provided that the seller does not lose any income from the time the product is sold to the time of receipt of the funds.

Visa and MasterCard soon will be available as a payment option!

We have reached agreement on connecting bank cards. This means that both MasterCard and Visa payment cards will be available soon as payment methods. It must be noted that payment cards will only be available to purchase products from the sellers who have a small number of negative feedbacks and whose rating is above 2000. If the seller has a rating below 2000 but he is an official and licensed distributor of the product, then we ask the seller to contact with our support centre and send the appropriate documentation to prove that he is an official distributor of the product.
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