Congratulations to Our 32nd Gift Card Giveaway Winners!

We are excited to announce the 10 lucky winners of our 32nd gift card giveaway, who will each receive a $10 Steam gift card.Congratulations to:1. Krimou Belabbes2. Rahish Ahmad3. Md. Ayub Ali4. Rahman Arafat5. Fahim Shahriar Shovon6. Jerin Khanam7. Khan Mohammad Lokman Mahadi8. রুবেল সরকার9. Palash Mia10. Sharifun Nahar BrishtiGift cards will be sent to the winners within 24 hours. We hope you enjoy your prize and thank you for your continued support!
For those who didn't win this time, don't worry! Our next giveaway is just around the corner. Starting in 1 week. Stay tuned for more details on how to participate.If you're looking for more ways to treat yourself, why not check out our selection of gift cards available for purchase? We have a wide variety of options to choose from, including Razer Gold, Amazon, Steam, FIFA coins, Free Fire, Spotify, PlayStation PSN, iTunes, Jawaker, Amazon, Roblox, Valorant, PUBG, Fortnite, Nintendo, Apex Legends, Google Play, Mobile Legends, Uber, Twitch, Zalando, IKEA, Netflix, League of Legends, Xbox, and many more. Buysellvouchers will be the best place to buy gift cards with crypto. Also, don't forget that you can sell gift cards on our marketplace. Our commission is only 0.3%.Stay tuned for our next contest where you'll have the chance to win even more amazing prizes. Thank you again for choosing BuySellVouchers, and we hope to see you again soon!NOTE: The 33rd gift card giveaway will be available in a week.Here you can find discounted Steam gift cards:

​Important Notice: Potential Email Delays for the Next 24 Hours

Due to technical maintenance and upgrades, some email deliveries may experience delays over the next 24 hours. If you encounter any problems, please contact us via our ticket system or online chat: will help you solve the problem! Thank you for your understanding.

The 33rd Weekly Gift Card Giveaway: Get 10 Gift Cards for Free!

Welcome to our weekly gift card giveaway contest at BuySellVouchers! Every 2nd week, we're giving away gift cards to lucky winners. This is a great opportunity to win some extra shopping money and enjoy your favorite products or services for free!
Win 10 Gift Cards ($10) Every 2nd Week: Razer Gold, Xbox, Steam, Roblox, Origin, Nintendo, Valorant, Free Fire Diamonds, Apex Legends, PlayStation, Blizzard!About Contest / GiveawayThis is a weekly giveaway. We give away 10 gift cards (worth $ 10) every 2nd week to our followers. The 10 winners will receive a gift card that has won in the previous week's vote.Start & End of the 33rd contest:
- Starts on Tuesday 12.00 (UTC +3) / 26.09.
- Ends on Monday 12.00 (UTC +3) / 02.10.
- Announcement of winners on Monday 12.00 (UTC +3) / 02.10.The Entering RulesIn order to receive a $10 gift card for free, you need to do the following:
1. You need to publish on your website or social media (for example Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, VK) the text:
"Participate in the BuySellVouchers 33rd weekly contest and get 10 gift cards for free: ".Plus you need to add a picture to the post with a contest image (image from this article)!
Make sure that you share a high-quality image!!!The more places you post a message, the more likely you are to win.2. After you have published the text & image, send us the links with proof via a letter on the Buysellvouchers Facebook page: Follow our Facebook page: WinnersDetermination of the winners:
- There are 10 winners in total.
- The winner will be selected at random.Prize & Awarding- Each winner will receive a single gift card ($10) - a gift card that has won in the previous week's vote.
- The list of winners will be published on Monday in the 'News' section at 12.00 (UTC +3) / 02.10.
- Gift cards will be sent to the winners within 24 hours once the winner list is published.For those who did not win, we can offer 5% discount coupons for gift cards such as Razer Gold, Steam, FIFA coins, Free Fire, Spotify, PlayStation PSN, iTunes, eBay, Jawaker, Skype, Amazon, Roblox, Valorant, PUBG, Fortnite, Nintendo, Apex Legends, Nike, Google Play, Adidas, Mobile Legends, Uber, Twitch, Zalando, IKEA, Netflix, League of Legends, Xbox. The offer applies only to the participants of the contest! If anyone is interested, contact us via Facebook!Addition RulesBy entering our contest, in case of winning, you agree that your name and surname may be placed on the list of winners, which will be publicly available.Terms & ConditionsNote. You do not have to buy any products, goods, etc. to enter our contest. Participation is free.
Our Privacy Policy: receive special offers, follow us on social media:Facebook:

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When is the Next Steam Sale 2023? | Gamer's Calendar

So, if you're wondering, “When is the next Steam Sale?” You’re in the right place. Discover predictions for Steam sales dates and more in the article! For all the savvy gamers one of the most anticipated events in the whole year is the Steam Sale. It is the time when gamers around the globe waited for the best deals on titles. In this article, we'll not only unveil the dates of the upcoming Steam Sale in 2023 but also provide you with insights into how to make the most of this gaming extravaganza.Upcoming Steam Sale Dates: A Gamer's Dream Come TrueWhen digital stores open their virtual doors to a treasure trove of cheap games during The Steam Sale, it has become a rite for gamers. Now that that is out of the way, let's answer the pressing query, “When is the next Steam Sale in 2023?”
According to reliable sources and patterns from previous years, the next Steam Sale is expected to take place during the usual major sale periods. The Summer Sale, Winter Sale, and Autumn Sale are frequently among them:— Summer Sale: Historically, the Steam Summer Sale kicked off in late June and extended into early July. Due to the substantial savings offered during this sale on a variety of games, now is the ideal time to expand your gaming library without breaking the bank.— Autumn Sale: As the leaves start to fall, the Steam Autumn Sale typically arrives in late November. It's the perfect opportunity to grab some games for those cozy nights in as the weather gets colder.— Winter Sale: The grand finale of the year, the Steam Winter Sale, usually spans from late December to early January. It's a fantastic way to wrap up the year with incredible discounts on both new releases and classic titles.Estimated Steam Sales dates:- Visual Novel Fest: August 7, 2023 – August 14, 2023- Strategy Fest: August 28, 2023 – September 4, 2023- SHMUP Fest: September 25, 2023 – October 2, 2023- Next Fest October: October 9, 2023 – October 16, 2023- Scream Fest October, 2023 – November 2, 2023- Steam Autumn Sale: November 21, 2023 – November 28, 2023Maximizing Your Steam Sale Experience: Tips and TricksNow that you're armed with the potential sale dates, let's delve into how you can make the most of your Steam Sale experience:1. Wishlist Wisely: Keep an updated wish list on Steam with the games you're interested in. Steam often offers additional discounts on games from your wish list during sales, ensuring you don't miss out on your top picks.2. Daily Deals and Flash Sales: During the Steam Sale, keep an eye out for daily deals and flash sales. These limited-time offers can provide massive discounts, so check back regularly.3. Bundle Bargains: Bundles are a great way to snag multiple games at a fraction of the price. Be on the lookout for bundle deals that include games from genres you enjoy.4. Exploring Hidden Gems: Use the Steam Sale as an opportunity to explore new genres or indie titles you might not have considered before. You might discover some hidden gaming gems that become your new favorites.5. Community Choice: Some Steam sales feature a Community Choice section where gamers can vote for the next game to go on sale. This adds an interactive element to the sale and allows you to have a say in the discounts.6. Trading Cards and Badges: Take advantage of the sale to complete your Steam trading card sets and earn badges. These can be crafted into valuable items or sold on the Steam Marketplace.7. Compare Prices: Even though Steam is renowned for offering fantastic discounts, it's still a smart idea to compare costs with other online merchants. Before buying a game, quickly compare pricing to see if it can be found elsewhere for less money.8. Use Enhanced Steam Tools: Enhanced Steam is a browser extension that adds additional features and information to the Steam store. It can help you see historical pricing data, so you know if the current discount is truly a good deal.9. Stack Discounts: If you have Steam Wallet funds or gift cards, you can stack these discounts on top of the sale prices to save even more money.10. Gift Games for Later: Steam enables you to buy games as gifts and keep them in your inventory for later giving. If you find a great deal on a game you already own or want to give to a friend in the future, this can be helpful.How long does the Steam Sale last?Depending on the exact sale event, a Steam Sale's length may change. Major Steam Sales, like the Summer Sale, Autumn Sale, and Winter Sale, have traditionally lasted two weeks or less. But keep in consideration that these times are just estimates and could change.
Steam frequently offers a range of specials during these significant events, including daily deals, flash sales, and further savings on games on your wishlist. These limited-time offers can change throughout the course of the sale, adding an element of excitement as gamers check in regularly to see what new deals are available.

Conclusion:In the world of gaming, the Steam Sale is like a virtual carnival, a time when gamers unite to celebrate their shared passion for immersive experiences. While the exact dates for the 2023 Steam Sale are still under wraps, you can start preparing by updating your wishlist, exploring new genres, and setting aside some gaming funds. Remember, the thrill of the Steam Sale isn't just about getting games at a discount; it's about joining a global community of gamers all seeking the next great adventure.The next major Steam Sale should be around November. So, mark your calendars (or set a digital reminder) for the potential sale periods, and get ready to embark on a gaming journey that promises excitement, savings, and endless entertainment. Get your wishlists ready, sharpen your gaming skills, and prepare to dive into the world of gaming wonder that is the Steam Sale. Happy gaming!Remember, as a Buysellvouchers customer, there's no need to wait for the Steam Sale – you can access discounted Steam gift cards today! Just click the button below to explore the fantastic offers on discounted gift cards.

​Important Fee Update: Enhancing Our Marketplace

Starting in just one week, we will be implementing an adjustment to our fee structure, that will enable us to provide even better services on our platform. Seller Fee Adjustment: 0.5% to 1% This modification allows us to further invest in our platform's growth and innovation, ultimately benefiting everyone involved. Buyer Fee Remains Unaffected: 0.5% For our esteemed buyers, please be assured that the buyer fee will remain unchanged at 0.5%. We remain steadfast in our commitment to offering you excellent value and access to an array of discounted gift cards. We appreciate your understanding and support as we implement these necessary changes. Our aim is to continually enhance your experience while maintaining a thriving marketplace for all.

Beware of Fraud: Unofficial Telegram Account "TopResellerVoip Store"

We want to alert you to the presence of an unofficial Telegram account, "TopResellerVoip Store" (username:, which is not associated with a merchant from our marketplace. We strongly advise all our customers to exercise caution and avoid engaging with this account, as it is not affiliated with the seller from, our platform. It has come to our attention that some individuals are impersonating our legitimate seller account in an attempt to deceive users and conduct fraudulent activities. We urge you to be vigilant and ensure that you do not fall victim to any such scams. Our customers have lost several thousand US dollars in this way when trading outside of Buysellvouchers.Protecting our community is of utmost importance to us. To guarantee your safety and security, we emphasize the importance of conducting all transactions exclusively through our official website and within the confines of our marketplace. Only there can we assure you of a secure and trustworthy environment for your transactions. Thank you for your continued support, and remember that your safety is our priority.

​Is Safe? Tips on How to Avoid Scams and Fraud!

If you want to know if Buysellvouchers is safe for buying and selling gift cards, then this article is for you! Get to know the facts before making action!In an increasingly digital world, online marketplaces have become a staple for consumers seeking convenience and accessibility. has emerged as a popular platform for gift card trading, but is it safe? Today, we delve into the myths surrounding Buysellvouchers and uncover the facts that will put your mind at ease.
Background on Marketplace | A Decade of TrustFor over a decade, has been operating in the realm of gift card trading. Since its inception in 2012, the marketplace has garnered a loyal customer base that continues to grow. One of the key factors contributing to's success is its unwavering commitment to providing a safe platform, with an emphasis on user adherence to the marketplace's terms of use. Over the years, Buysellvouchers has spent a lot of time analyzing and improving the security of customer accounts, you can familiarize yourself with various account protection systems. Some of the notable security measures include:- Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):
With the integration of Google Authenticator, offers an additional layer of security by requiring users to provide a verification code along with their login credentials. This feature ensures that only authorized individuals can access their accounts.
- IP Login History:
By keeping track of IP login history, enables users to monitor their account access and quickly identify any suspicious activities. This feature empowers users to take immediate action to protect their accounts.
- IP Filtration:
Buysellvouchers implements IP filtration measures to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts. This added layer of security blocks potential threats originating from unknown IP addresses.
- Additional Security Email Code:
Users receive an additional security email code as a verification step during the login process. This feature adds an extra level of protection against potential threats and ensures the security of user accounts.
If you want to keep your account safe and protected from fraudsters, we strongly recommend using one of the following security tools. Using Google Authenticator will be one of the best choices and will definitely increase the security of your account.Safe Purchases/TransactionsProtecting Transactions: prioritizes the safety of both buyers and sellers during transactions. Here's how the platform ensures secure purchases:- Seller Funds Held for 36 Hours:To safeguard buyers' interests, holds seller funds for 36 hours under the administration's watchful eye. This period allows buyers ample time to thoroughly examine purchased products, including verifying serials and codes, ensuring a satisfactory transaction experience.- Buyer Verification Window:Buyers have a 24-hour verification window to validate the accuracy and legitimacy of their purchases. This timeframe empowers buyers to report any discrepancies or issues they encounter, ensuring a transparent and secure purchase process.- Black List:Buysellvouchers offers a unique feature called the "Black List" that empowers sellers to manage their customer relationships effectively. With this feature, sellers have the ability to add buyers to their personal blacklist if they choose not to engage with specific customers. This allows sellers to exercise control over their customer base and make informed decisions about who they prefer to work with. By utilizing the "Black List" feature, sellers can streamline their business operations and ensure a more efficient and satisfactory trading experience.Sellers Ranking SystemTrustworthiness at the Forefront: has implemented a comprehensive seller ranking system to foster trust and credibility. The ranking system considers multiple factors when evaluating sellers, including:- Registration Date:The buyer can take into account the registration date of sellers as an indicator of their experience and history within the platform.- Successful Sales:Sellers' track record of successful sales plays a crucial role in determining their credibility. A significant number of successful transactions instill confidence in buyers.- Customer values customer feedback and incorporates it into the ranking system. Positive feedback and ratings from previous buyers provide insights into sellers' performance and help build trust among potential customers.- Overall Rating:By combining the aforementioned factors, generates an overall rating for sellers. This rating serves as a comprehensive indicator of sellers' reputability and reliability, guiding buyers in their decision-making process.Based on the indicators mentioned above, you will have the opportunity to choose the most reliable sellers and reduce the trading risk to a minimum.Things to Avoid to Prevent Scams and FraudSteering Clear of Scams: To ensure a safe and secure experience on, it's important to be aware of potential scams. Here are some key points to remember:- Do not Share Contact Information to Trade Outside of the Marketplace:Avoid sharing private contact information through private messages. Adhering to the marketplace's user rules regarding communication helps minimize the risk of falling victim to scams.- Transacting Within the strongly advises against transacting outside of the platform. Bypassing the system and engaging in transactions outside the marketplace puts users at risk of fraud and eliminates the platform's ability to assist in case of issues.- Instances of Fraud:Despite the marketplace's safety measures, there have been cases where buyers and sellers have attempted to evade the system and start trading outside the platform (to avoid paying commissions). Buysellvouchers urges users to remain vigilant, as such actions can result in significant financial losses. There have been several cases where customers have lost thousands of dollars this way.These would be the basic things to follow so that you don't become a victim of fraud in the Buysellvouchers marketplace.Recommendations for Safe Gift Card Your go-to platform to ensure a secure and seamless gift card trading experience, Buysellvouchers offers the following recommendations:- Adhere to Marketplace Rules:Following the marketplace's rules is crucial to ensure user benefit and overall safety. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines and abide by them throughout your transactions.- Avoid Exchanging Contact Information:Refrain from changing contact information or conducting transactions outside of Even sellers with positive ratings can be dishonest, and the platform cannot assist in cases of fraud that occur outside its secure ecosystem.- Stay Cautious:Be cautious throughout the trading process, and remember that even highly-rated sellers can engage in fraudulent activities. Stay vigilant and report any suspicious behavior to the platform's support team.If you follow the rules of the marketplace, the risk of being scammed will be reduced to a minimum.Buysellvouchers: Your Direct Source for 100% Authentic Gift CardsThe exciting news is on the horizon for gift card enthusiasts! is soon set to open its very own store. This development means that buyers will have the opportunity to purchase gift cards directly from Buysellvouchers, ensuring that every card is 100% authentic and genuine.How is this possible? Through seamless integration with the official product distributors, Buysellvouchers will leverage an API connection to obtain gift cards directly from the source. This direct sourcing guarantees the legitimacy of each card, giving buyers complete peace of mind. Soon, navigating the world of gift card purchases will be easier and safer than ever, thanks to Buysellvouchers' commitment to providing a direct and trustworthy platform.ConclusionIn a digital landscape where safety is paramount, stands as a trusted marketplace for gift card trading. With over a decade of operation, thousands of loyal customers, and a commitment to user safety, the platform provides a secure environment for buyers and sellers. By implementing robust account security features, a transparent ranking system, and offering practical recommendations, strives to ensure a safe experience. Embrace the convenience and benefits of the platform, but remember to exercise caution, adhere to guidelines, and protect yourself from potential scams. With as your partner, you can confidently navigate the world of gift card trading, knowing that safety is at the forefront.

Important Announcement: Changes to Commissions Coming Soon on

We would like to inform you about a minor adjustment in our commission structure at As you may know, the global economy has been experiencing rapid inflation, which has contributed to the increase in project costs, ultimately necessitating this adjustment.To ensure the continued smooth operation of our marketplace, we have made the decision to slightly increase the commissions. However, we want to assure you that we have kept this adjustment to a minimum. Effective in approximately two weeks, the seller's commission will be raised to 0.4% (currently 0.3%), while the buyer's commission will be set at 0.5% (currently 0.4%).Despite this commission increase, we want to emphasize that remains committed to offering the most favorable commissions on the market. We understand the importance of providing a competitive and fair platform for our users, and we will continue to prioritize your satisfaction and success.Thank you for your understanding and continued support. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this adjustment, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. We appreciate your trust in and look forward to serving you with an enhanced marketplace experience.

We Have Added a New Payment Method - DAI (BEP20)

We are delighted to announce the introduction of DAI (BEP20) as a new payment method on our platform. This addition offers users a secure and efficient way to transact using decentralized cryptocurrency.DAI (BEP20) is a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar and operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) network. By including DAI (BEP20) in our payment options, we aim to meet the increasing demand for alternative and decentralized payment methods.To utilize DAI (BEP20) for gift card purchases, simply select it as your preferred payment method during checkout. This new addition expands our existing range of payment options and provides greater convenience for our valued customers.At our platform, we are committed to staying ahead of industry developments and ensuring seamless user experiences. The introduction of DAI (BEP20) aligns with our dedication to providing a secure and accessible marketplace for buying and selling gift cards.Discover our website today and explore the extensive selection of digital vouchers available, now with the added flexibility of DAI (BEP20) as a payment method.