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Telegram Notifications

If you wish to be notified instantly of the purchase or sale of the goods, we recommend using the option to receive notifications by using Telegram. The telegram notification system works faster and more efficiently in comparison with the e-mail system.Simply follow these steps:1. Login to your account;2. Go to „My Account”;3. Choose „Notifications;4. Select „I would like to receive notification to Telegram”.If you have more questions related to the „Notifications” please contact Support!

Temporary Technical Problems Concerning our E-mail System

We are currently experiencing temporary technical problems concerning our e-mail system (product dispatch and receipt of notifications). The problem will be resolved within 24 hours. Until then, please activate the option to receive notifications via Telegram.

Changes to the Section Wallet

From now on, the seller will be able to see his/her funds in two categories under the section Wallet. The funds at the seller's disposal, or the account balances and the funds "Suspended" for the newly sold products (last 36 hours). The funds from the status "Suspended" to the seller's total balance will pass within 36h of the product being sold.

A New Option for Sellers

Now, under the section "Products", sellers can find a new option - "Filter". The purpose of the filter is to make the Seller's work more comfortable. The new feature will allow the seller to track their products faster and easier and make any changes, if needed.

WebMoney payment system is fully operational

We announce that the WebMoney payment system is now fully operational. We remind you that according to WebMoney Terms not all products may be available. For more information contact Support.
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Temporary Technical Problems Concerning our E-mail System