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Buy and sell Second LIFE gift cards

Here is the market products. You can switch currency and arrange list by different params
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second life account

About Second Life

What is Second Life?

Second Life is a specific social network, which has been implemented as a three-dimensional virtual world. For today, number of clients of this network exceeds 1 million people around the world.

The main feature of current browser game is that there is no need to compete with other participants. Users define their behavior, field of interest, actions and other things completely independently.

Second Life account

Even that participation in current social network can be absolutely free, it’s users can also purchase themselves Second Life premium account.

Second Life account like this possesses several advantages in comparison with the basic (free) account. For example, it allows obtaining personal Linden house, virtual money prizes, many different exclusive virtual goods and also many other great features.

How to purchase Second Life account?

To have premium Second Life account in your possession you can buy special voucher on our website. By getting voucher like this you receive a unique numeral combination, which will be used on the website of social network to obtain the Second Life premium voucher.

By the way, on our website you can buy Linden Dollar – currency which is being used in Second Life game.

To conduct the necessary purchase just select voucher that fits you the most, click on the “Buy” button and follow further tips given by the system. Conducting a purchase will take only a few minutes and right after it’ll be complete you will receive the code of a voucher, bought by you to e-mail address you have indicated earlier. Everything that’s left is to visit Second Life website and use the voucher.