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About PC Gaming voucher

Gaming voucher may be considered the best option to buy games and add-ons on the Internet. Using voucher like this lets player to save his time, required for visiting real gaming store and buying the desired game.

Besides that, gaming vouchers allow buying games even before their official release in stores.

What’s a gaming voucher?

Voucher for personal computer or console games is a numeric sequence which allows buying games on official website or in internet store of official dealer.

There is more – using this voucher user can buy and download different additions to already existing games, unlock access to its premium functions and other great options.

How to use it?

It’s, actually, very simple to buy and use gaming voucher. Vouchers themselves can be bought on our website. To conduct a purchase like this it’s necessary to get in touch with appropriate dealer of current voucher, by clicking on the name of the game. Only thing that remains is to clink on the “Buy” button and follow instructions provided by the system.

It’s also easy enough to use the code obtained after the purchase. First user should visit the official website of the game (in case if voucher is bought for PC game) or official online market of the current console and type the code into the form. User can download and install the game or add-on right after the code has been confirmed.


Good news for buyers!

Now you can buy up to 20 vouchers, and pay them by one transfer. For the exchange form, on the left, select the currency to pay, on the right - a voucher, indicate the amount of one voucher. The form will appear in which you need to choose the number of vouchers. Then you pay everything by one transfer and everybody is happy.

Good news for sellers!

In the near future, a new system will be introduced which will protect sellers from cryptocurrency fluctuations. In other words, it will be provided that the seller does not lose any income from the time the product is sold to the time of receipt of the funds.
Hot news!

Visa and MasterCard soon will be available as a payment option!