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Resolution center

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Issues with Received Order:
If the received item has problems, open a dispute in the Dispute Center.
Examples of issues include:
Item not functioning properly.
Receiving a different item than described.
Misrepresentation of item condition.
Missing parts/features undisclosed.
Incorrect quantity received.
Open Dispute
Escalating Dispute to Complaint Team:
If initial resolution with the seller fails, visit the Dispute Center onthe BuySellVouchers website.
Select your dispute and, if unresolved, escalate to the Complaint Team for a final decision.
Dispute Process:
If issues occur with your BuySellVouchers.com purchase, initiate a dispute for communication.
If not resolved, escalate to the Complaint Team for a final decision.
Non-Arrival of Order:
If your order doesn't arrive, ensure full payment, and contact support for a manual re-check.