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Problem with a purchase

Did something go wrong when making a purchase on BuySellVouchers.com? Did your order not arrive? Did something arrive that was very different than described? The first step is to dispute the transaction. We'll facilitate communication between you and the seller to see if things can be worked out. Many disputes are caused by misunderstandings, and they're often easy to resolve. However, if you and the seller can't reach an agreement on your own, you can escalate your dispute to the Complaint Team. We’ll investigate and make a decision in favor of either you or the seller.

My order never arrived

My order arrived – but there's a problem. You can open a dispute if the item you receive is not working properly.

  • You received a completely different item. Example: You purchased an Itunes gift card, but received an Amazon gift card.
  • The item's condition was misrepresented. Example: The listing said “scanned gift card,” but the item was sent as a text file.
  • The item is missing parts or features, and this was not disclosed. Example: You bought a Razer Gold card, but some digits of the code are missing.
  • You purchased a specific quantity of an item but received the wrong amount. Example: You bought five Google Play gift cards, but received only two.

My order never arrived

If you made a successful & full payment but your order never shows up, please contact support via the Ticket System and Your order will be re-checked manually.

My order arrived – but there's a problem.

Open a dispute in the Dispute Center to get the process started.

How to escalate a dispute to the Complaint Team

If your initial attempt to resolve the problem with the seller is unsuccessful, you can escalate your dispute to the Complaint Team.

Here's how:

Open the BuySellVouchers website, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Dispute Center. Select your existing dispute by clicking on Open Cases. If no solution is found between You and the Seller, You will be able to escalate the issue to the Complaint Team. Then, we'll review your case promptly and provide a final decision.

Open Dispute