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Latest Updates

Introducing New Email Notifications: Hourly Sales Order Summaries

We're thrilled to announce our latest update – introducing a new type of email notification that will revolutionize how sellers keep track of their sales.Now, every hour, you'll receive a comprehensive order summary in your email, providing essential insights into your sales performance. This means you can easily see the number of products sold, the revenue earned, and the remaining stock, all in one convenient email. No more inundation with multiple sales notifications – this update is a game-changer, especially for high-volume sellers, making sales tracking more efficient and convenient than ever before.
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​Important Fee Update: Enhancing Our Marketplace

Starting in just one week, we will be implementing an adjustment to our fee structure, that will enable us to provide even better services on our platform. Seller Fee Adjustment: 0.5% to 1% This modification allows us to further invest in our platform's growth and innovation, ultimately benefiting everyone involved. Buyer Fee Remains Unaffected: 0.5% For our esteemed buyers, please be assured that the buyer fee will remain unchanged at 0.5%. We remain steadfast in our commitment to offering you excellent value and access to an array of discounted gift cards. We appreciate your understanding and support as we implement these necessary changes. Our aim is to continually enhance your experience while maintaining a thriving marketplace for all.
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