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$10.00 Skype Credit Transfer (Read Instr-s!)

Product information:
Times sold : 2 Available : 5 Extras: bonus
Product price: 8.50 USD Quantity: 1
Total price: 8.50 USD
Seller info:
Seller rating : 0 Registered : 19.04.2018
Additional information:
Dear Customer,
It will be Direct Skype Credit Transfer from my Skype Account to Your Skype Account, so we need to ESTABLISH CONNECTION in Skype FIRST.

The following instructions help to make buying process fast and successful.

1. Get connected with me in Skype.
Find me in Skype using your ACCOUNT for which YOU WANT to RECIEVE the Skype Credit Transfer (My Skype ID:

2. Note: Best time to make Deals is Mon.-Thu. 11.00am - 9.00pm (21.00) Pacific Time USA (Los-Angeles).

3. Ask me in message about availability of the amount you want and delivery time and send your Skype ID (e.g.:
I want 2 transfers of $10.00 Credit My Skype ID: examplename

4. I'll answer you about availability and delivery time.
Usually I have ability to transfer at least 3 times of $10.00 Skype Credit, OR 6 times of $5.00 Skype Credit immediately.
Usually transfer can be done within 10 min - 6 hours after payment.

5. If you agree, you can pay $9.00 for one $10.00 Skype Credit Transfer.
You will receive $0.5 back if you will leave positive feedback.

6. Once I see the payment, I'll send you $10.00 Skype Credit Transfer.

7. Note: Mobile App not always reflects received payment and received Gift cards. Check first your Skype Credit at Skype My account (


Thank you.



Good news for buyers!

We are pleased to inform you that it is now possible to purchase the goods at once in the quantity you need - simply specify the required quantity of the goods in the order.

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