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Auto Exchanger Script

Product information:
Times sold : 0 Available : 2
Product price: 560.00 USD Quantity: 1
Total price: 560.00 USD
Seller info:
Seller rating : 0 Registered : 07.12.2013
cashmoney USDadvcash EURadvcash USDbitcoin BTClitecoin LTCperfectmoney EURperfectmoney USD
Additional information:
Product Name : Auto Ecurrency Exchanger
Product Version : V7
First Released : 05/15/2013

List of Features
We have 33 totally or partially different from v6.10 to be implemented.
Mass SMS Newsletter
Min/Max allowed Order for Unverified/Verified
Order Discount generator code
Reserve, min/max, fee display in Buy/Sell order page
Email alert when Account status is changed from unverified > Verified
SMS Notification fee added as part of fee charged (admin can turn on/off)
New Admin Template (Better and admin user friendly)
Order auto Expired for Buy,Sell & Exchange Orders (Cron Jobs)
Currency Exchange rates
Member subscribed for Newsletter (only member who tick subcribed for newsletter will receive message sent by admin via News Letter)
Mail Template (All email sent by system should be editable via Admin End)
New Template Structure (All php files should take the design look from Template folder)
New Buy/Sell Order process
New Buy/Sell, Exchange History for Member & Admin
News given a special links (All news posted by admin can be view in full)
Add New Service such as Purchase Recharge Card, or other service which can be paid by Wallet Balance or Voucher card System
Admin can enable/disable "Forget Password"
Member Track order# without member login to get the status
Member Status > Suspension of a user will limit buy,sell,exchange or un able to perform all transactions
Extension of referrer profit to Buy/Sell order & it % calc (Admin will be able to enable or disable)
Buy,Exchange form will confirm receiving account
Better Design Structure and table for home rate page
Admin Click Single or Mass Pay on Admin Buy & Exchange History to auto pay by calling api of ecurrency accounts
Member is able to receive SMS alert if they receive Internal Transfer (member will be able to activate )
Admin SMS Fee (setting for member usage of sms)
Member Reserve Notification
Member Type and it condition
Admin News Letter will go to ONLY member whom subscribed
Admin Email alert when Testimony is posted by Member and Member should receive email alert when there post is approved
Admin should receive Email alert when Member or Reseller Submit Verification Document.
Suspension of Order in a system
Redesign of Set site Offline
Admin Able to Add new pages to home and member panel
Bugs Fixing
We have noted 4 bugs currently available at V6.10 to be fixed in V7
Admin cant delete Buy,Sell,Exchange History
Admin cant view all buy/sell & exchange, internal transfer,affiliate withdraw,wallet withdraw history of a member
Add Admin > all permission are not working nor not all restrictions are working
Restriction on Buy/Sell Form not working on Plesk server
Additional Security
After lot of future consideration and hacking trials experienced we have decided to add 6 more security tools which we now think it will depends on Hosting Company and not Script Issue.
Admin can enable > Admin login sms alert (Admin is sent sms when successful admin login occur)
Turn Off Admin login
3rd Layer > Admin can enable or disable > After Admin user & Password is successful an sms is sent with system generated code > MUST be entered correctly before Admin is IN
impossibility of Currency Accounts changes AKA hacklock
Ability to ask for Registration or Verification documents for any currency or page
Automatic notification of critical payment errors


Telegram Notifications

If you wish to be notified instantly of the purchase or sale of the goods, we recommend using the option to receive notifications by using Telegram. The telegram notification system works faster and more efficiently in comparison with the e-mail system.Simply follow these steps:1. Login to your account;2. Go to „My Account”;3. Choose „Notifications;4. Select „I would like to receive notification to Telegram”.If you have more questions related to the „Notifications” please contact Support!

Temporary Technical Problems Concerning our E-mail System

We are currently experiencing temporary technical problems concerning our e-mail system (product dispatch and receipt of notifications). The problem will be resolved within 24 hours. Until then, please activate the option to receive notifications via Telegram.

Changes to the Section Wallet

From now on, the seller will be able to see his/her funds in two categories under the section Wallet. The funds at the seller's disposal, or the account balances and the funds "Suspended" for the newly sold products (last 36 hours). The funds from the status "Suspended" to the seller's total balance will pass within 36h of the product being sold.
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Temporary Technical Problems Concerning our E-mail System