Reliable protection of the seller & buyer

1 Step 1

The seller adds the goods

The buyer finds the goods

2 Step 2

The buyer pays for the goods

Money is stored 36 hours in a safe.


The buyer has 36 hours to check the goods.

Step 3

The buyer receives the goods immediately after payment

Exception: product with manual delivery.

They are marked with special icons

4 Step 4

After 36 hours, the seller receives money for the goods.


Manual delivery Product with manual delivery
Product image
Product information:
Times sold : 2
Available : 98


Discount Discount

Discount 90.02%

bonus Bonus

Bonus for positive feedback buying this product is 1.00% (0.06 USD). To get the bonus, you must leave positive feedback within 20 hours after purchase.

Product price: 5.99 USD

Total price: 5.99 USD


Seller info:

notice_sign The seller will send this product manually during his working hours, after the goods have been paid.
1 - basic seller’s level 2 - beginner seller’s level 3 - intermediate seller’s level 4 - advanced seller’s level 5 - master seller’s level
Verified user
Seller rating : 42
Registered : 25.06.2020
+ Positive feedbacks: [19]
- Negative feedbacks: [2]
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Seller work days and time

08:00 - 20:00
08:00 - 20:00
08:00 - 20:00
08:00 - 20:00
08:00 - 20:00
08:00 - 20:00
08:00 - 20:00

Additional information:

- For NEW accounts only! (the account should not have used any promotions, promotional codes or paid subscriptions)
- work in any country.
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1 - basic seller’s level 2 - beginner seller’s level 3 - intermediate seller’s level 4 - advanced seller’s level 5 - master seller’s level
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spotify gift card

About Spotify gift card

If you don't wish to shop online with a credit card, then the Spotify gift card will be an excellent alternative. Remember, just like a cash or credit card, the Spotify gift card code must be kept carefully, don't show it to others for no reason.

There is one significant benefit of purchasing an Spotify gift card online – in most cases, it's being sold for a lower price than its value. That means that buyers of the Spotify voucher code can purchase goods on the internet store with discounts. So if you are looking for cheap Spotify gift cards the Buysellvouchers marketplace will be a great option. And this is not the only advantage for buying Spotify gift cards online; you will also be able to save money on shipping costs (thanks to the product email delivery system).

How to buy Spotify gift card

The buying process on the Buysellvouchers marketplace is fast and easy. If you want to buy Spotify gift card, please follow these steps:

1. Choose Category: "Gift Cards".

2. Select "Spotify Gift Cards".

3. Select a gift card which you want to purchase.

4. Enter the amount of how many Spotify gift cards you want to add to the "Cart".

5. Press the button "Buy".

6. Choose a payment method (Perfect Money, Webmoney, Advanced Cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, BS Token).

7. Enter "Email address" (product email delivery).

8. Enter "Captcha".

9. Press the button "Checkout".

10. After you have paid, press the button "Done".

11. After receiving a payment Buysellvouchers will send a voucher code to your email (instant delivery). You will also be able to find the purchased Spotify gift card code in your account under the "Transactions'' section.

Note: Please carefully check the product details and buyers' reviews before the purchase. Some products are shipped instantly, but some are delayed. If your Spotify gift card does not work (you can’t redeem the Spotify gif card) please contact the Seller as soon as possible.

If you do not receive the item, contact the support immediately for a refund. You can find more information about the buying and selling process of gift cards and vouchers in our FAQ section.

How to sell Spotify gift card

If you have an unwanted Spotify gift card that you want to sell, please follow these steps:

1. Click on "Account Preferences".

2. Select "My Products".

3. Press "Add New Product".

4. Choose the product category - "Gift Cards".

5. Select the product - Spotify gift card.

6. Select the payment systems & e-wallets (through which you want to receive a payment for Spotify gift card).

7. Enter "Price".

8. Select the Currency - USD, EUR, GBP.

9. Enter "Product Name".

10. Enter "Product Description".

11. Press "Register New Product".

12. Click on "Actions".

13. Select "Add New Item".

14. Select the way how to share a Spotify gift card code.

15. Congratulations - The Spotify gift card has been placed for sale.

The registration process on Buysellvouchers marketplace is simple, and it is free. Before using Buysellvouchers marketplace, please read the Terms and Conditions. If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact our Support.

What is Spotify gift card?

There are various reasons for joining the premium subscription service of Spotify. It is very simple and easy to find the song of your choice that you want to hear and enjoy. You can steam the music of your choice and is known for the HD quality of streaming which is free from all ads.

The premium subscriptions of Spotify even allow all for downloading the music on your device anytime and play it offline. Well, if you are thinking about how a Spotify gift card can help you with this. Then you must know that a Spotify card can help in adding the balance of card to your Spotify account.

This can help you in upgrading your account to the Premium level. The Spotify gift card can be used for:

  • - Playing any song.
  • - No ads.
  • - Downloading music and listening offline.
  • - High-end sound quality.

How to redeem Spotify gift cards on a computer?

When you log in your Spotify account, click on your username and then click on “Account”. Scroll down your menu on the left side and then click on “Redeem”. Enter the pin code of your scanned image which is sent to you on your email. This PIN can be “case sensitive”, so be careful while entering it.

How to redeem Spotify gift card on your mobile

There is no particular method for redeeming your gift card using a Spotify app. You just need to open the browser on your mobile phone and follow the steps:

  • - Log in to the official page of
  • - Enter the secret PIN given on the back of your card and code given on the receipt.
  • - Click on the redeem option.

Few things to keep in mind while redeeming Spotify gift card

  • - Make sure the country registered on your Spotify account and the place from where you have purchased your card is the same.
  • - Make sure the code entered is also correct.
  • - Don’t forget getting your card activated from the cashier if purchased from a physical shop.

Take the utmost advantage of the Spotify gift card and enjoy the endless benefits of a higher subscription.

Questions & Answers

If you have more questions about using the Spotify gift card, such as (popular questions):

  • - How to redeem Spotify gift card.
  • - Can I use Spotify gift card for student account?
  • - How does Spotify gift card work?
  • - How to add Spotify gift card to account.
  • - How to check Spotify gift card balance.
  • - Why Spotify gift card does not work?
  • - Etc.,

then you have the opportunity to ask these questions to the Spotify gift card sellers. We have created the sections “Questions” and “Private Message” which allow the buyer to receive all the necessary answers to various questions related to the product from the Spotify gift card sellers. You will find the options mentioned above “Questions” and “Private Message” below the description (Additional information) of the selected Spotify gift card. You do not need to be registered on our platform to ask a question about the product.

Buy Spotify gift cards with cryptocurrency and e-currency

On the Buysellvouchers marketplace, you will be able to buy Spotify gift cards with many different cryptocurrencies and e-currencies: Perfect Money, Webmoney, Advanced Cash (Advcash), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Tether ERC20 (USDT), Tether TRC 20 (USDT), Ethereum (ETH), BS token.

We hope that in the future it will be possible to buy Spotify gift cards with other payment systems and e-wallets like: Paypal, Visa, Payeer, Payoneer, OkPay, Payza, Qiwi, Revolut, Skrill, Netteler, Epay, ApplePay, Yandex.Money, MasterCard, Cash app, LiqPay, MoneyGram, and many others as well.

For buying Spotify gift cards, contact the dealer of Spotify gift cards, choose the e-gift card of the right currency and value and follow the system's instructions.

In conclusion, it can be said that the Spotify gift card is a gift that is made for all people and can be gifted on any occasion. Now, there is no need to hunt for gifts when circumstances approach, as you have got the easiest to buy and gift someone that is the Spotify gift card.

If you want to sell Spotify gift card, you must Sign Up. Under "Account Preferences" you will be able to find the section "My products", where it will be possible for you to add your Spotify gift card for sale. You can find more information about the purchasing and selling process of gift cards and coupons in our FAQ section. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact the customer service.