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PSN Plus Extra Membership 12 Months Turkey

PSN Plus Extra Membership 12 Months Turkey
📝 After purchasing the subscription, please enter your email address and the password of your PSN Account on the screen that appears.

🔐 📲 The process will be easier if you enable 2FA Authentication and share your backup code with us. In case a 2FA Authentication code is required, we will send you a message!

⛔️ ✔️ If you don't know how to enable 2FA authentication or don't have time to do it, you can share your email address and password with us and we can enable 2FA for you.

⏰ 🚀 If you submit your information correctly and completely, your membership process will be completed within 5-15 minutes.Even if there is a rush, it will not take more than 24 hours to complete the processing.
In case of any problems, your orders will be automatically refunded after 24 hours.

🎮 After your membership process is completed, you can enjoy your games.

💻 Our working hours 🕙 09:30 - 🕛 02:30 (GMT +3)
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PSN Plus Extra Membership 12 Months Turkey

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playstation voucher

About Playstation

Welcome to BuySellVouchers, your one-stop shop for all your gaming needs. If you're looking to buy PlayStation gift cards, you've come to the right place! We offer a wide range of PlayStation Network (PSN) gift cards that can be used to purchase games, add-ons, movies, music, and more on the PS Store.

So why wait? Head over to BuySellVouchers today and browse our selection. With our easy-to-use platform, fast delivery, and competitive pricing, we're the best place to buy a PSN gift card online. On our platform, you'll find PlayStation gift cards suitable for accounts in all regions, including Turkey, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, Japan, China, India, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, and others.

How to Buy PlayStation Gift Cards

Our online marketplace is one of the best places where to buy cheap PlayStation gift cards online. To buy PlayStation gift card instantly, follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Choose the category: “Games”.

2. Select “PlayStation”.

3. Select a gift card that you want to purchase.

4. Enter the amount of how many PSN cards you want to add to the “Shopping cart”.

5. Press the button — “Buy”.

6. Choose a payment method (Tether, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, DAI, Maya, GrabPay).

7. Enter “Email address” (product email delivery).

8. Press the button “Checkout”.

9. After you have paid, press the button “Done”.

10. Once your payment is confirmed, the PlayStation Store gift card code will be delivered via email, which you can redeem on your PSN account. You will also be able to find and access the purchased PSN gift card code in your account under the “Transactions'' section. This section will help you to monitor your previous orders.

If you're still not sure how to buy a PS gift card, check out this video tutorial:

Note: Please carefully check the product details and buyers' reviews before the purchase. Some products are shipped instantly, but some are delayed. If you do not receive the item, contact “Support” immediately. You can find more information about the buying and selling process of gift cards in the FAQ section.

How to Sell PlayStation Gift Cards

The Buysellvouchers online marketplace is one of the best places where to sell gift cards online. To sell PSN gift cards, follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Register as a “Seller” and complete the verification process in the section “Profile”.

2. After verification, click on “Account preferences”.

3. Select “My Products”.

4. Press “Add New Product”.

5. Choose the product category — “Games”.

6. Select the product — PlayStation.

7. Fill in the fields: “Value” and “Price”.

8. Select the “Currency”: USD $, EUR €, GBP £, RUB ₽, PLN zł, CZK Kč, RON lei, CHF ₣, SAR ر.س, AED د.إ, QAR ر.ق, CAD $, SEK SEK, INR ₹, HKD HK$, BRL R$, TRY ₺, AUD A$, SGD S$, NZD NZ$.

9. Enter the product “Name” and “Description”.

10. Upload the image.

11. Select what payment you will accept for your product.

12. Click on “Next”.

13. Select the way to share the PlayStation key.

14. After you have added the codes, click on “Save”.

15. Congratulations — The PlayStation gift card has been placed for sale.

If you're still not sure how to sell a PS gift card, check out this video tutorial:

What is a PlayStation Gift Card and Where to Use it?

Step into the realm of unparalleled gaming experiences with the PlayStation gift card. This digital delight is your key to the vast world of PlayStation, offering access to an extensive library of games, add-ons, movies, and more. A PSN gift card isn't just a card; it's an invitation to elevate your gaming adventure on the iconic PlayStation platform.

PlayStation gift cards are very popular among gamers. They offer a convenient way to make purchases from the comfort of your home without needing to set up payment methods such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, etc., on your PlayStation account. You can simply redeem the card in the store, and then use the PlayStation wallet balance you got to purchase anything available on the store.

Compatible with PlayStation consoles, including PS4 and PS5, the PlayStation voucher opens doors to a diverse range of content. Whether you're a hardcore gamer, movie buff, or music enthusiast, this card is the gateway to a multimedia haven. Gift it to a friend or indulge in a personal gaming spree — the possibilities are as limitless as the PlayStation universe.

Explore the wide range of gaming experiences available on the PlayStation platform

PlayStation probably is the biggest, most successful, and most popular console in the world, and with the release of the PS5, the demand for PlayStation has only grown among people. It offers amazing performance and has been widely known as the best console you can buy. Although it might not currently have the largest library of games, what games it does have are amazing and it also has the biggest gaming franchises like The Last of Us, Uncharted and so much more.

Different denominations and options available

PlayStation gift cards come in various denominations, for example, US PSN cards typically range from 10-100 USD which offers you a variety of stock to choose from according to your budget. You can buy either a $10, $20, $25, $50, or even a $100 gift card.

Checking for any ongoing promotions or discounts

If you are tight on cash, then it would be a smart choice to wait for any ongoing promotions or discounts from a trusted merchant and buy when the time is right so you can save your money. If you are looking to buy PlayStation gift cards in bulk, then you should perform the purchase in time of ongoing promotions.

How to redeem a PlayStation gift card

To top up your PSN account, follow these steps:

1. Simply copy your voucher code provided by a BuySellVouchers seller.

2. Now, go back to the PlayStation site. Click on the account icon located at the top right corner.

3. Here, you will see the "Redeem Code" option; click on it.

4. The voucher box will be indicated. Paste your product voucher code here.

5. Once entered, click on "Continue." The confirmation page will be displayed. If everything is confirmed, then click on "Confirm Redeem Code."

Congratulations! You have successfully redeemed your gift card in your account.

Once you've successfully redeemed your gift card, the funds will be added to your PSN wallet. You can use these funds to purchase games, subscriptions, add-ons, movies, music, and more on the PlayStation Store.

It's important to note that PlayStation gift cards are region-specific, which means that you'll need to redeem your card on the PlayStation Store for the region that matches the currency of the card. For example, if you have a USD gift card, you'll need to redeem it on the US PlayStation Store.

Checking the PlayStation gift card balance

To check your remaining gift card balance, go to the PS Store and then click on your profile, and then payment management. From there, you can see your available funds at the top.

Potential issues and troubleshooting tips

Before making a purchase, remember that PS vouchers are region-locked. This is a popular issue that people face while redeeming a PSN gift card. The cause for this issue can be that you bought the card from a different region than yours. If the PS code is not working, you can always contact the seller or PlayStation support for further help.


If you have more questions about using the PlayStation gift card, such as:

— Where to buy PSN Turkey gift cards?

— How to check the PlayStation gift card balance?

— How to top up PlayStation Turkey (TL)?

— Do the PlayStation gift cards expire?

— How to activate the PlayStation key?

— How long is a PlayStation PIN code?

— Where is the PSN Turkey gift card accepted?

— Where can I use a Tureky PlayStation gift card?

— Is the PlayStation Turkey gift card region-specific?

In this case, you have the opportunity to ask these questions to the PS gift card sellers. We have created the section “Private Message” which allows the buyer to receive all the necessary answers to various questions related to the product from the PlayStation Store gift card sellers. You need to be a registered user to contact the seller.

The registration process on the Buysellvouchers marketplace is simple, and it is free. No credit card information is required for registration. To register, you only need an e-mail address. To make the use of Buysellvouchers convenient internationally, our website is translated into 7 languages (English, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, French, and Arabic).

Before using the Buysellvouchers gift card marketplace, please read the Terms and Conditions. If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact our Support.

Buy PSN Gift Card with Crypto

On the Buysellvouchers gift card marketplace, you will be able to buy PlayStation gift cards with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Tether ERC20 (USDT), Tether TRC20 (USDT), Ethereum (ETH), and DAI.

If you prefer to buy a PlayStation gift card with Maya or GrabPay e-wallets, you can do it through the Buysellvouchers official store. If you are not sure what the Buysellvouchers official store is, please contact support for more information.

BuySellVouchers online market regularly adds new payment methods and product categories. We hope in the future, it will be possible to buy PlayStation gift cards with PayPal, credit cards and other popular online payment providers.

If you want to sell PS gift cards instantly, you must Sign Up. Under “Account Preferences” you will be able to find the section “My products”, where it will be possible for you to add your PS gift card code for sale. You can find more information about the purchasing and selling process of gift cards, gift certificates, vouchers, keys, tokens, coupons, and other digital products in our FAQ section. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact Customer Service.

If you are interested in the PlayStation gift card giveaway, follow the BuySellVouchers social media accounts. We regularly provide different kinds of gift card giveaways and contests through our social media channels.