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Money is stored 36 hours in a safe.


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Exception: product with delay send.

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After 36 hours, the seller receives money for the goods.

Unlimited Google Drive to your account

Delay send Product with delay send
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Product information:
Times sold : 0
Available : 100

Product price: 5.00 USD

Total price: 5.00 USD


Seller info:

notice_sign The seller will send this product manually during his working hours, after the goods have been paid.
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Seller work days and time

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Additional information:

Running out of space on your phone or computer? Nowhere to store the necessary photos, films and other information? Tired of deleting files all the time to clear your memory? Forget it once and for all!

***After payment, you get:

****Product Feature:
- Unlimited Google Drive storage for your current Gmail / Shared account disk (it will not be combined with 15 GB free space, the unlimited disk will be tied to your account)
- We only need your Gmail address, no password is required, everything is safe and secure.
- No monthly or annual fees. (One lifetime payment)
- It is not affiliated with any field of education or non-profit organization for which there is no risk of banning the disk, it is tied to the domain of our company.

* Unlimited space on Google Drive
* Access from a computer, smartphone, tablet, TV
* High speed of downloading and reading
* No monthly payments
* Only you have access to the Disk
* Data is stored on servers with a high level of security
* Only with Us you can Give a name to your Disk yourself
* Completely Safe


*****General Questions:

Q: Can I move files from my current Google Drive to a shared drive?
YES, for example, if you have a song on the current drive that needs to be moved to the added drive, just create a folder, grab the file and drag it to the folder on the added shared drive, then confirm the message that appears.

Q: Will this increase my current space from 15GB to unlimited?
No, we will add a new Drive to your current Google Drive, and this new added drive will have unlimited storage (only you will have access to this drive)

Q: Can I use storage for media / video files?
Yes. You can upload media using Google Drive tools, Google Drive website, or third party support tools. You can play video files using Google Drive apps or website (original and transcoded versions). You can also use Google Drive for KODI (gdrive) or Python-GoogleDrive-VideoStream to play media on any HTML5 enabled device (computer or mobile). You can also use EmbyServer.

Q: Can I use my email storage space?
No. The extra unlimited space is for Google Drive storage only. Your email storage won't change with Gmail.

Q: Can I use the Google Photos app?
No. You cannot use any Google Photos apps or websites to store photos on disk. You can upload photos to storage using the Google Drive app, the Google Drive website, or supported third-party apps.

Q: Will I ever have to pay again? monthly? annually? Ever?
This is a one-time purchase. The space is yours as long as you have a Google account.

Q: Can I use this with a G Suite account?
Yes, G Suite accounts work best with this drive, but a G Suite account is not required.

Q: Who has access to my files?
Whoever you specify in "member management" as access. You can give others, such as friends, family, etc., the right to own, edit, or view your disc. No one else will have access.

Q: Can I share files and folders?
You can transfer ownership of up to 600 people who have Google accounts, edit or view access to the entire drive. In addition, you can share each file for each file (view or edit access), and you can “share by link,” including sharing with or without logging in. You cannot share entire folders, but you can
share files.

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It’s more important than ever to be able to buy the items you want with cryptocurrency. Even if a lot of people have cryptocurrency themselves, they mostly have it sitting there because they are unable to use it. You just have to approach this wisely, and the return on investment can be second to none. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to invest and acquire the right items, and the quality and experience can indeed be among some of the best all the time.Why is it important to add restaurants?Buysellvouchers is proud to announce that now we offer complete support for a new category - Restaurants gift cards. Our focus is to help customers gain access to all the vouchers they need as quickly as possible. We are firm believers that investing in the best items can really deliver the quality and experience you want. With Buysellvouchers, you get to have all of that fast and easy.Now you can browse the Buysellvouchers marketplace and find a category for restaurants that support vouchers. These vouchers can be very easily be acquired.The process is very simple:· Browse the Buysellvouchers marketplace and find the desired restaurant.· Transform your cryptocurrency into the voucher amount of your choosing via any of our vendors. This will help make the process simple and convenient, while bringing you the support and help you may need.The entire process is very simple and convenient, and it allows you to access the features and value you need. On top of that, Buysellvouchers doesn’t have any fees for the buyers, so you can easily buy without having to worry about paying anything extra. The platform is very transparent and is focused on honesty. That alone makes it well worth the effort.Why should you use Buysellvouchers?Unfortunately, few to no restaurants are accepting bitcoin or crypto in general. However, with Buysellvouchers you can easily transform your crypto into regular money. That makes it easy to buy any restaurant voucher you want, and it’s worth it. You get to finally focus on those things that matter for you, while enjoying the process and results for a change. It’s engaging and rewarding, and you will be very happy with the process itself and the results provided by the platform.What payment systems are supported?Right now, Buysellvouchers supports Perfect Money, Webmoney, Advcash (Advanced Cash), as well as crypto such as Bitcoin, Tether ERC20, Tether TRC20, Litecoin and Ethereum. More options will be added in the future, like bank cards, among many others.If you want to transform your crypto into restaurant vouchers, you can easily do that right now. Buysellvouchers is finally offering you the opportunity to use your crypto in a variety of new ways. That alone makes it well worth the effort, so check it out and you will have amazing results every time. Just give that a shot for yourself and enjoy the experience with Buysellvouchers restaurant vouchers today!

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