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About VoipDiscount

Voipdiscount is one of many applications developed by German VoIP-communication company namely Betemax. For the time being operator Voipdiscount is enjoying wide range popularity amongst Russian speaking users of World Wide Web.

How to get started with Voipdiscount

In order to begin using benefits of mentioned application Voipdiscount first have to download it from official provider’s homepage (voipdiscount.com) and set it up on your computer. In addition, application Voipdiscount may be used not only on computers running on Windows but also on Linux or Mac operating systems what was realized due to support of SIP data transfer protocol.

Technical requirements for Voipdiscount

Application Voipdiscount requirements toward computer are difficult to name high since for comfortable use of application is enough with processor which clock frequency of 300MHz, 128Mb RAM, sound card, headset and 10Mb of hard drive space. Undoubtedly, computer needs a broadband connection for data transfer (minimal 100kb/s).

Voipdiscount, mobile service package.

Besides mobile version of Voipdiscount is available, which can be installed on any mobile phone with Java support. Thanks to given application Voipdiscount any client at any time which is convenient for him may use service package “Mobile” to be in touch with other persons wherever is coverage of mobile network.

Program overview Voipdiscount

So, now the client Voipdiscount is downloaded and installed on your computer or smart phone. It is relatively hard to make review of this particular program Voipdiscount since it is so simple and understandable from first view even for the beginner users of internet. Application Voipdiscount has tab “Start” where user have to enter his registration information, as well as tabs “Contacts”, “Calls” and “Call list”. Thereby, there is no difference from interface of common mobile phone.

Advantages of Voipdiscount

Worth of mentioning is also a two great advantages of this client Voipdiscount from Betemax Company. Firstly, users Voipdiscount may call each other within the network without any fee. Secondly, there Voipdiscount possibility to send SMS to mobile phones, in other words, you can send one SMS to several people from your contact list in one time.

In addition, there is no limitation on amount of calls as well as for duration of calls and the total number of calls per month.

To make calls and send messages not only to other users of this application Voipdiscount is needed to charge your subscriber’s account. That may be done with any amount in range from 10 to 500 Euros. To top up your balance Voipdiscount buy credits you may use wide variety of systems, the most relevant amongst Russian population is VISA and MasterCard, systems of online payments Yandex-money and WebMoney, and as well SMS payments.

Make calls to landlines and mobile phones and use of SMS is possible immediately after making deposit to your Voipdiscount account. Call rates are significantly lower comparing to phone calls. For example, call to Argentina costs only 0.02 Euros per minute, besides call to Canada will be with no cost. To view full rate Voipdiscount list please visit official website of Betemax. There also will be list of countries to which calls are without any cost.

Betamax software

Betamax Company is among the top operators of voip telephony which provides its clients opportunity to use different software for making voip calls around the globe.

Among the client software user can find Netappel, Sipdiscount, Nonoh, Rynga, 12voip, Jumblo, Voicetrading,Justvoip, ActionVoip, Lowratevoip, SMSListo, BudgedSip, Telbo, Voipdiscount, Intervoip, and so on.

Despite the variety all of the programs mentioned above are easy and very comfortable to use, because all of them have easily understandable interface.

Popularity of voip telephony

Voip telephony gets more popular among different ways of communication every year. According to statistics, in year 2012 voip operators earned more than one billion dollars.

According to expectations of experts, client basis of voip telephony will increase by 3 million users every year or even more. It’s all, because using voip telephony is not only cheap, but also very simple. All user must do is install client software to PC, portable PC or mobile device and go through simple registration on website of voip operator, user has chosen.

Advantages of voip

In comparison with classic ways to communicate, voip telephony possesses many different advantages, among which are cheapness of communication, high level of security, possibility of organising conferences, additional phone line with 50 channel capacity, call forwarding to any place around the the whole the globe and many other.

Besides everything, any client of any voip operator is not being bound to any specific location, because user can call and receive incoming calls from any place on the planet, where internet connection is constantly available, but its speed must be not less than 100 Kbps.

Voipdiscount is one of numerous programs of IP telephony from German operator Betamax. This software is very popular amongst the Russian speaking users of the Global Network.

Voipdiscount client software (software for calls) may be installed on computer, running any operating system and on mobile devices, which support broadband internet connection. Interface can be understood on a hunch – it is similar to interface of a regular mobile phone.

The official Voipdiscount website also possesses clearly and easily understandable interface. It’s very easy to buy credits or conduct some other action necessary.

If to talk about advantages, it’s worth mentioning:

·  Free calls within the home network;

·  Possibility to send SMS to more than one person at a time;

·  Existence of free calling directions.

How to use?

To make cheap international calls to mobile phones or landlines, using Voipdiscount, it’s necessary to take a few easy steps:

·  Visit the website of the operator and download the appropriate version of the software;

·  Register in the system;

·  Install the program on computer or mobile gadget;

·  Visit special section of the Voipdiscount website, buy credits and then call important people all around the world.

Prices and account replenishment

Voipdiscount users are making international phone calls by lower prices than people using mobile and landline phone operators. For example, minute of conversation with someone in Argentina will cost only 2 cents.

There are several ways to replenish Voipdiscount account (buy credits):

·  Using electronic money;

·  Using credit/debit cards;

·  Using electronic voucher.

Voipdiscount voucher is a unique 16-digit combination. After the voucher is bought it’s very simple to replenish account. It is necessary to visit special section of the Voipdiscount website – “buy credits”, then choose the voucher as the way to replenish account and enter the special code, when the input form has appeared.

Voipdiscount voucher may be bought on our website.


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