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Reliable protection of the seller & buyer

1 Step 1

The seller adds the goods

The buyer finds the goods

2 Step 2

The buyer pays for the goods

Money is stored 36 hours in a safe.


The buyer has 36 hours to check the goods.

Step 3

The buyer receives the goods immediately after payment

Exception: product with manual delivery.

They are marked with special icons

4 Step 4

After 36 hours, the seller receives money for the goods.

Poivy products

Here is the market products. You can switch currency and arrange list by different params

About Poivy

Poivy– one of IP telephony operators, which is widespread among Russian speaking users of internet.

To use possibilities provided by operator Poivy, it’s necessary to visit website, download and install client software to PC.

One of advantages of Poivy is, that it is running not only on Windows OS, but also on PC’s, running Mac OS and Linux. For this reason operator Poivy has developed special client software, with support of SIP

Basic system requirements for client software are not cosmic - Processor(CPU) with 300 MHz frequency, 128 Mb of operative memory(RAM )and only 10 Mb of free disk space. To run this program, internet connection (100 Kbps or more), sound card and a microphone-earphones type of headset are required.

Also, user can call, using Poivy internet telephony from any mobile device which supports Java applications.

What makes this Voip operator special, is that it requires users to replenish their accounts monthly. Money on users account Poivy doesn’t disappear when the month ends and may be used in any convenient moment.

Poivy client software has easily understandable interface. That is why user can get clear with all the functions in several minutes. Program allows not only to call to mobile and landline phones, but also to send SMS's and not only to one, but to many users at a time.

Poivy users account can be replenished for amount from 10 to 500 Euro, and user can specify the terms of prolonging by himself.

Payment can be made different ways, for example Visa and MasterCard credit cards, WebMoney, YandexMoney, payment by SMS and others.

Calls are charged by minutes and there are no limits for length of one call or number of calls per month.

Today Poivy users can be easily calling 42 countries around the planet – UK, Argentina Luxembourg, Finland, Norway, Greece and so on. The whole list of countries can be found current Voip operators official website. Besides, Poivy users can call to six countries not being charged – Canada, Singapore, USA, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico and Thailand.

Poivy is one of many VoIP telephony operators which allows making international calls to mobile and landline phones by very friendly prices. This operator is very popular among Russian-speaking audience in the Global Network.

Among all great features of this operator, it’s worth mentioning, that it is capable to operate in any environment – user computer may be running Windows, Mas OS and even Linux. Of course, there are applications, specially designed for mobile devices (smart phones and tablet PC’s).

How to use?

To make international VoIP calls via Poivy, it’s required, that new user, first, visits the official website of the operator, finds appropriate version of the software, downloads and installs it, and then he should complete simple registration form and replenish his/her users account.

The client software and the website are endowed with pleasant and easily understandable design and user’s interface. Because of this fact, it takes only several minutes to understand how the program operates. Client software not only allows user to call, but also to send SMS messages, which can be sent to group of people, not only to one person.

Prices and account replenishment

Unlike some other IP telephony operators, Poivy does not require monthly replenishment for some specific amount of money. Money does not disappear after some period of time, it may be used any time.

Outgoing calls are being charged by minutes and there are no limits for quantity or duration for them. Complete price list may be found on special section of the official website.

There are several ways to replenish Poivy users account (buy Poivy credit):

· With help of credit/debit cards (Visa or MasterCard);

· Electronic money (WebMoney, Yandex-Money, PayPal, and so on);

· Pay by SMS;

· Electronic voucher;

It’s also possible to buy Poivy credit from dealers (on our website particularly). After electronic voucher has been received, it is necessary to return to operators website, click “buy credit” button in the menu and then choose “redeem voucher” – enter the 16-digit code from your voucher into the form and confirm it.

Buy and sell Poivy credit with cryptocurrency and e-currency

It is possible to buy and sell Poivy vouchers for cryptocurrency and e-currency (Perfect Money, Webmoney, Advcash / Advanced Cash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether ERC20, BS Token and many others coming soon...) on our website. Just contact dealer of Poivy voucher, choose the voucher and just follow instructions, given by the system.

There is one significant advantage of buying Poivy code online – in most cases it’s being sold for price which is lower, than its value. That means that buyer of the Poivy code is able to buy goods in internet store with discount.

If you want to sell the Poivy voucher, you must Sign Up. Under “Account Preferences” you will be able to find the section “My products”, where it will be possible for you to add your Poivy voucher for sale. You can find more information about the buying and selling process of gift cards and vouchers in our FAQ section. If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact our Support.