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About Fring

Fring is a mobile client software meant for Fring, Twitter, Sipnet, Google Talk, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, SIP and some other networks. Client software is based on Mobile VoIP, so  with its help it’s not only possible to make calls, but also:

·  Exchange voice messages, using Pocket PC or mobile device;

·  Make calls to telephone numbers (this is paid service, it’s necessary to setup Fring, buy credit and then make calls);

·  Send files;

·  Check e-mail;

·  Use social networks;

·  Watch videos;

Fring client (software) has an ability to connect to internet using any of available protocols protocols – GPRS/EDGE, Wi-Fi, 3G and so on.

How to use?

To use functions of this service, it’s enough to download and setup Fring correctly. Buying credit is optional and depends on whether is there need to make VoIP calls or not. Software may be downloaded from official website (http://www.fring.com/), when appropriate version has been found, or downloaded from mobile market. Client supports the most of mobile platforms and there is also a version for notebook or PC.

Right after installation process is done and the program has been started it offers to create new account. After the registration it’s necessary to point out services which are going to be used. Besides contacts from all services chosen, contacts from phonebook of mobile device may also appear in the list.

New services may be added while Fring is being used.

There are also a few disadvantages – user doesn’t have a chance to turn off any services. For example, user can’t go offline in ICQ, but stay online in Skype. Service can be only deleted completely and then, if required, it may be installed again (registration data input is required).

Buy Fring credit

To make international VoIP calls via Fring, it’s required to buy Fring credit, Purchase of this credit will make possible calling to more than 40 countries by extremely friendly prices.

Fring credit may be bought on our website. To buy Fring credit, it means to buy electronic voucher – combination of numbers, which is required to enter on the website of the software.

VoIP call function will be useful for those who need to keep in touch with friends, family or business partners abroad. Fring credit allows to significantly save on international conversations.

To buy Fring credit ask help from agents listed on our site.


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