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Product name Seller Seller rating Times sold Available Price
Amazon Gift Card ECODE MsAGC 0 0 1 4.50 USD
Amazon.co.uk GBP25 Respect001 0 0 1 22.00 USD
Amazon eGift Card $100 megansteiner -10 1 2 70.00 USD
CDN$25 Amazon.ca gift card eghekings 0 0 1 21.00 USD
Amazon Gift Card 25 Euro (scan copy) bvbpower2104 0 0 1 13.00 USD bonus
amazon gift 3$ rosexczand 62 0 1 10.00 USD
$10 Amazon Gift Card Verified user ServiceHigh.NeT 0 5 4 10.20 USD bonus
100$ Amazon (US) Gift Card 100 USD Verified user EasyPayForNet 729 26 2 100.00 USD bonus
10$ Amazon (US) Gift Card 10 USD Verified user EasyPayForNet 729 102 1 10.00 USD bonus
amazon gift cards

About Amazon gift card

Amazon happens to be the largest internet store in the whole Global Network, on pages of which it’s possible to purchase many different consumer goods.

It’s possible to pay in many different ways when shopping on Amazon online – electronic money, credit cards and also some other ways, like Amazon Gift certificate.

Amazon Gift certificate

Amazon Gift certificate is an electronic voucher, which gives buyer of this e-store a right to purchase things with discount or pay their full cost.

Gift certificates like this (codes) are spread by Amazon itself. They can be handed out to active buyers or partners of the service. This card can also be bought. Certificate can be of different values, but it’s being released in dollar value only.

If to say in general, Amazon discount (Gift certificate) is nothing else but unique numeric string. To conduct a purchase using it, it’s necessary to choose voucher as way of payment and enter possessed code into a special form. If there will be insufficient funds on certificate, then buyer will be offered to pay the rest of the sum another way.

Purchase the card

Conducting a purchase of voucher like this is possible in online mode. Amazon Gift certificate is being sold on our website. To have it in possession, it’s required to choose the card of certain amount, click on it and follow the leads, given by the shopping system.

After the deal has been completed, buyer of Amazon Gift certificate gets it’s details which will be used for buying goods on the resource.

There is one significant advantage of buying Amazon Gift certificate online – in most cases it’s being sold for price which is lower, than its value. That means that buyer of the voucher is able to buy goods in internet store with discount.


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