The 4th Weekly Gift Card Giveaway: Get 10 PSN Gift Cards for Free!

The 4th gift card giveaway has started. Read the rules and participate!

Prize: 10 PlayStation (PSN) gift cards ($10).

Gift card giveaway

Get 10 Gift Cards $10 For Free!

About Contest / Giveaway

This is a weekly giveaway. We give away 10 gift cards (worth $ 10) every 2nd week to our followers. The 10 winners will receive a gift card that has won in the previous week's vote.

Start & End of the contest: Starts on Tuesday 12.00 (UTC +3) / 16.08. Ends - on Friday 12.00 (UTC +3) / 19.08. Announcement of winners on Monday 12.00 (UTC +3) / 22.08.

The Entering Rules

In order to receive a $10 gift card for free, you must do the following:

1. You must publish the text: "If you search for cheap PlayStation PSN gift cards, check the Buysellvouchers marketplace: ".

Plus, you need to attach a screenshot of the Buysellvouchers marketplace webpage to your post. Make sure that you share a high-quality image.

2. You must publish this text & image to your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, VK).

Note: The number of Friends / Followers must be visible on your profile. If this information is not available when we check the link, we will not be able to include your link in the contest. Please check "Settings" for your social media profile.

Social media accounts must be older than 3 months!

3. After you have published the text & image, send us the link with proof via a letter on the Buysellvouchers Facebook page:

The Winners

Determination of the winners. There will be a total of 10 winners:

- 7 of them have the most friends and followers on social media.

- Plus 3 users will be chosen by us at random (so everyone has a chance to win).

If you post the contest text on multiple social media, your Friends / Followers will be aggregated and you will have a better chance of winning!

Prize & Awarding

Each winner will receive a single gift card ($10) - a gift card that has won in the previous week's vote.

The list of winners will be published on Monday in the 'News' section at 12.00 (UTC +3) / 22.08.

Gift cards will be sent to the winners within 6 hours once the winner list is published.

Addition Rules

By entering our contest, in case of winning, you agree that your name, social media username may be placed on the list of winners, which will be publicly available.

Terms & Conditions

Note. You do not have to buy any products, goods etc. to enter our contest. Participation is free.

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