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The 44th Weekly Gift Card Giveaway: Get 10 Gift Cards for Free!

Welcome to our weekly gift card giveaway contest at BuySellVouchers! Every 2nd week, we're giving away gift cards to lucky winners. This is a great opportunity to win some extra shopping money and enjoy your favorite products or services for free!

Gift card giveaway

Win 10 Gift Cards ($10) Every 2nd Week:

Razer Gold, Xbox, Steam, Roblox, Origin, Nintendo, Valorant, Free Fire Diamonds, Apex Legends, PlayStation, Blizzard!

About Contest / Giveaway

This is a weekly giveaway. We give away 10 gift cards (worth $ 10) every 2nd week to our followers. The 10 winners will receive a gift card that has won in the previous week's vote. In certain contests, the number and value of gift cards can be changed.

Start & End of the 44th contest:

- Starts on Tuesday (27.02).

- Ends on Monday (04.03).

- Announcement of winners on Monday (04.03).

The Entering Rules

To receive a $10 gift card for free, you need to do the following:

1. You need to publish on your website or social media (for example Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, VK) the text:

"Participate in the BuySellVouchers 44th weekly contest and win 10 gift cards ($10): https://www.buysellvouchers.com/en/news/article/987/gift-cards-giveaway/ ".

Plus you need to add a picture to the post with a contest image (taken from the Facebook post)! Make sure that you share a high-quality image!!! The more places you post a message, the more likely you are to win. We take into account the activity of the participants.

2. After you have published the text & image, send us the links with proof via a letter on the Buysellvouchers Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BuySellVouchers/

3. FOLLOW our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BuySellVouchers/

The Winners

Determination of the winners:

- There are 10 winners in total.

- The winner will be selected at random.

Prize & Awarding

- Each winner will receive a single gift card ($10) - a gift card that has won in the previous week's vote.

- The list of winners will be published on Monday (04.03) in the Buysellvouchers.com 'News' section.

- Gift cards will be sent to the winners within 24 hours once the winner list is published.

For those who weren't successful in the competition. We're pleased to extend an exclusive opportunity: enjoy a 5% discount on gift cards covering a wide range of popular options.

Including but not limited to Razer Gold, Riot Access, FIFA coins, Free Fire, Spotify, PlayStation PSN, iTunes, eBay, Jawaker, Skype, Amazon, Roblox, Valorant, PUBG, Fortnite, Nintendo, Apex Legends, Nike, Google Play, Adidas, Mobile Legends, Uber, Twitch, Zalando, IKEA, Netflix, League of Legends, Steam, Xbox.

The discount voucher will be valid on all products found in our official gift card shop. The product range changes regularly. To view the products follow the link: https://www.buysellvouchers.com/en/seller/info/BSV.Official.Store/

The offer applies only to the participants of the contest! If anyone is interested, contact us via Facebook!

Addition Rules

By entering our contest, in case of winning, you agree that your name and surname may be placed on the list of winners, which will be publicly available.

Terms & Conditions

Note. You do not have to buy any products, goods, etc. to enter our contest. Participation is free.

Our Privacy Policy: https://www.buysellvouchers.com/site/privacy/

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