How To Buy Gift Cards With Crypto? Check BuySellVouchers Marketplace

Interested in buying real-world products with cryptocurrency? Unfortunately, most online and brick-and-mortar retailers do not take crypto as payment, so you must first convert your crypto to cash through a crypto exchange, deposit it into your bank account, and then purchase it from a merchant.

These are time-consuming and pricey. But there is a simple, quicker, and cheaper solution. Buy and sell gift cards with crypto at BuySellVouchers.

How to buy gift cards with crypto

To purchase a gift card with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, read on. We shall also cover how gift cards operate and the benefits of buying them with cryptos.

What are gift cards?

A gift card is meant to be given as a gift, which is why they refer as gift cards. Prepaid money cards are offered by companies including Amazon, Apple, eBay, Google, and Steam. Their value and denominations may be different. Gift cards may use for online purchases or in-store purchases.

When purchasing a gift card, it depends on the gift card you are buying. Digital gift cards often feature a PIN that is entered upon checkout on the retailer's website. Other gift cards that may use in-store may include barcodes.

This barcode may be printed or save on your phone and be shown to the cashier when paying. Also, you may buy gift cards using bitcoin anonymously.

How do standard gift cards work?

People often choose between two unique gift card types:

1. Closed-loop:

Closed-loop gift cards are usually bought at certain companies like Amazon, Starbucks, or the Google Play Store. In-person and online usage of gift cards is common nowadays.

Also, keep in mind that some large corporations run many retail brands. If you obtain a gift card from one of these firms, you may be able to spend it at all of their locations. For example, Darden Restaurants owns Olive Garden, Bahama Breeze, and Longhorn Steakhouse so, its gift cards may be used at any of those restaurants.

Closed-loop cards usually do not have activation fees! You may or may not be able to reload a closed-loop card. If you do not use these cards within a specific time frame, their funds may expire, however, this is less usual now.

2. Open-loop:

It is a different story when it comes to open-loop gift cards. Like cash, large payment companies frequently provide them. They look like standard debit and credit cards used by most retailers.

These gift cards may use both in-store and online. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover commonly provide open-loop gift cards.

This kind of gift card is quite popular because of its flexibility. They may also add more money to the account. With modest costs, they will be able to get started. Purchasers normally pay these fees at the time of purchase.

How do digital gift cards work?

Many people call digital gift cards “e-gift cards.” They act like regular gift cards. The main distinction is that receivers get their codes through email. The people who purchased the cards as presents also receive copies for verification.

How do digital gift cards work

The code may be entered during the checkout process if using an online digital gift card. Also, they may attach the card to an existing purchasing account.

In many cases, digital gift cards may be redeemed in a physical store. It is not unheard of to find digital gift cards only redeemable online. Customer service specialists can provide accurate information about your digital gift card and its features.

What is BuySellVouchers?

Get your bitcoins for gift cards and vouchers at BuySellVouchers. While many internet markets do not enable crypto purchases, BuySellVouchers marketplace does. Here you may easily buy and sell products for crypto and e-currency.

The website does not provide gift certificates or vouchers. Instead, it is a place where buyers and sellers may meet. That means many businesses will take your crypto in return for gift cards and vouchers. BuySellVouchers site validates merchants and shows sales, reviews, and so on. Available payment methods on the Buysellvouchers platform: Tether TRC20 (USDT), Tether ERC20 (USDT), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Advcash (Advanced Cash), Perfect Money, Webmoney (WMZ), BS Token.

What platforms can you buy from if you use BuySellVouchers?

On the BuySellVouchers site, you may trade cryptocurrencies for gift cards and vouchers. There are a lot of firms out there who have them. No cryptocurrency or e-currency is supported by many of these well-known brands. Now you may swap your crypto and invest for the long term with BuySellVouchers. If done correctly, the potential is unrivalled.

Check the tutorial on how to buy gift cards with crypto:

Official distributors of many different firms utilize BuySellVouchers to sell gift cards, proving the platform's credibility and usefulness to users. Every vendor vets to guarantee only the best remain on the site. It overcomes worries and allows you to concentrate on the best outcomes.

What gift card categories does BuySellVouchers support?

1. Amazon gift card:

The Amazon gift card is a versatile present that may be given for any occasion. Its features and branding will make it a popular gift. The Amazon gift card may use on Amazon website. It is incredible to purchase Kindle literature, music, and video downloads.

Enjoy the Amazon gift card deal online. If you have a close friend who enjoys digital entertainment or reading books, an Amazon gift card is the ideal present for him. Everything offered on Amazon that can be bought with a gift card may be bought with an Amazon gift card via Amazon gift card vendors.

2. iTunes gift card:

It is easy to find a wide range of entertainment options with an iTunes gift card. In short, it is a gift of pure pleasure, relaxation, and excitement. Purchase applications, games, and books through the App Store or iTunes Store.

iTunes gift card works 24/7. The iTunes gift card is perfect for your bookworm or movie fan friend since it enables you to give them anything they want, whether it's apps, movies, games, or everything in between.

3. Razer Gold gift card:

The Razer Gold gift card is a global credit for gamers. You can buy Razer cards online, but only redeem them on (United States). The main site for Razer gift cards is

To enrol for Razer gift cards, enter your Razer gift card number and pin in the payment section during checkout.

Reloading a Razer gift card is not possible. The maximum value of a Razer gift card is $1000, and it may purchase digitally.

4. Spotify gift card:

With a Spotify gift card, you can listen to any song you choose. It has excellent sound quality. Spotify gift cards are available from some well-known technology and retail companies.

Once purchased, gift cards are valid for one year. Spotify gift vouchers are only redeemable for Premium Individual accounts.

A Spotify Premium membership allows you to download songs, build playlists, and listen to music without ads. Spotify gift cards cannot be used for student or military memberships.

5. Microsoft Windows Store gift card:

A Microsoft Windows store gift card covers all technical requirements. It may be used to buy equipment, software, movies, games, and much more. It works on Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, and Xbox.

You may purchase a physical or digital Microsoft Windows gift card. The actual card is available through the Windows Store globally.

6. Steam gift cards:

Steam gift cards are available in both physical and digital formats. When submitting a tangible copy, actual cards are preferred. They are widely available in retail outlets worldwide and frequently come in a range of denominations.

With the Steam Wallet, you do not need an actual credit card to send money to another Steam user. If you have a Steam account, you may easily give a gift to your friend. After purchasing or transferring a Steam key, the recipient may begin using it right away.

Remember, much like money or a credit card, the Steam gift card code must be kept safe. Buying a Steam gift card online has one major advantage: it usually offers for less than its value.

7. Google Play gift card:

These are the best methods to access and purchase stuff on Google Play. Cards are digital or physical. Each Google Play gift card code has a unique balance. For each Android device, there is a Google Play account. These gift cards are ideal to be given to minors who cannot use Google Play's wallet.

8. PlayStation PSN gift card:

It is the Ultimate Gaming gift card. Using a PlayStation gift card, you may download new games and DLC as well as stream movies and music on your PS4.

It is a kind of digital money used to purchase stuff from the PlayStation Store. The 12-month PS Plus membership enables gamers to play online with compatible games and gives monthly discounts on selected video games.

9. Xbox gift card:

Game, applications, movies, and TV series may be purchased by using Xbox gift cards. Even if you do not possess an Xbox, you may use Xbox gift card credit to buy games and movies on a Windows PC. Xbox gift cards never expire. So, it is the ideal present for Xbox owners.

10. Netflix gift card:

A Netflix gift card is ideal for anybody who enjoys movies, thrillers, comedies, romances, and action series. It relieves tension nowadays. If you have a single friend or family member who wants a partner to relax with, then Netflix is the ideal choice.

Giving a Netflix gift card to a friend or family member is also cheap. They shall remember you every time they use their Netflix app.

It is simple to use a Netflix gift card to pay for your subscription. Netflix gift cards allow users to pay for their subscriptions. New or current Netflix accounts may use the assets.

11. Uber gift card:

The Uber gift card allows you to load money into your Uber account. It delivers the best outcomes and advantages. An Uber gift card may use for many things. It is excellent if you want to provide free rides to friends and family at any time.

The card is non-expiring and will operate as intended. Notably, the gift cards also apply to Uber Eats orders. So, your receiver may order meals and have them delivered to their door.

12. Best Buy gift card:

A Best Buy gift card may use in retail shops, petrol stations, restaurants, and other establishments. When you buy a gift card, you may fill it up with cash, which you or the recipient can use at participating stores. Some prepaid gift cards require a cost to buy.

The best thing is that they never expire. It is best to use a gift card right away, so you do not forget about it. You do not have to worry about the recipient's taste or which goods to purchase with a Best Buy gift card.

13. Nike gift card:

A Nike gift card was designed to share the desire of having a Nike product with others. Giving a Nike product to someone else is easy when you give them a Nike gift card. Giving any Nike gear at your speed is simple, with total control and a fantastic experience.

There are Nike gift cards with values ranging from $10 to $250. Yes, every Nike gift card is limited to $250, so know that when you purchase one.

Using a Nike gift card is a great option if you want to purchase any Nike product you like. It is not only easy and fun, but you manage your spending. Plus, it is an ideal present for a Nike fan!

14. Walmart gift card:

With Walmart gift cards, your friends and family may choose from many products. Walmart has a wide range of products, and a $10 Walmart gift card might make shopping simpler.

You may give it to someone who will enjoy shopping for their favorite items. You may make use of these vouchers at Walmart.

15. Starbucks gift card:

Starbucks has been sourcing responsibly and roasting high-end Arabica coffee since 1971. This firm is now a leading specialty coffee roaster and retailer with shops worldwide.

Due to increased demand, this corporation created the Starbucks gift card. It comes in both plastic and digital. This card is redeemable at any Starbucks outlet.

16. Target gift card:

The Target gift card is designed to assist you to give a gift. When you give someone a gift card, they can purchase anything they want within the gift card limit. The nice aspect is that they work for any product.

Yes, you can acquire your Target gift card to spend later. It gives the outcomes and experience you need, and it is simple to acquire anything without cash.

17. Airbnb gift card:

The Airbnb gift card is a service that allows customers to simply book on Airbnb. When you reserve an Airbnb using a gift card, you may use it right away. You may buy an Airbnb gift card online or at a store near you. Gift cards may be purchased online in both physical and digital forms.

The Airbnb gift card has several uses when traveling. The card may be used to reserve lodging or a tour guide, making travelling simpler. They are not accessible for stays longer than 28 days.

18. Ikea gift card:

The Ikea gift card may use to purchase things from the Ikea online shop. The shop allows you to utilize gift cards on your account at checkout.

So, you can acquire your own Ikea gift card and spend it on anything you like. Ikea recognizes for its large product range, so you may use it whenever and wherever you want.

No two Ikea gift cards are the same. Even if someone knows the card's unique number, they still need the pin. The gift card comes with a unique pin that may be used to complete any purchase.

19. Roblox gift card:

Roblox gift cards are the quickest method to top up your Roblox or Premium account. Decide how much to donate to a friend or family member! Each gift card comes with a free virtual item that may redeem.

This gift card may use to buy Roblox - virtual currency on Roblox, gain more in-game content or improve your avatar with cool things.

20. gift card:

Crypto Voucher is the easiest method to acquire Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. If you are wary about disclosing your credit card info. Maybe you wish to acquire digital money on a budget. This prepaid card is the quickest method to acquire bitcoins.

21. eBay gift card:

An eBay gift card is a material or digital gift card pre-loaded with money.

The ultimate in buying freedom is an eBay gift card. eBay is the world's marketplace, with big-name shops and micro-niche sellers worldwide.

More than 800 million items, including collectibles, sports memorabilia, jewelry, electronics, art, antiques, stamps, and many more, make it a treasure trove for Smart collectors looking to fill gaps in their collections. An eBay gift card is the best gift for eBay fans and collectors.

22. Newegg gift card:

Newegg Commerce, Inc. sells computer hardware and consumer gadgets online. The city of Industry, California Liaison Interactive, a Chinese technology firm, owns it. Gift cards from cannot be exchanged for cash. Online gift cards never expire.

23. Sephora gift card:

Dominique Mandonnaud founded Sephora in 1970 in France. They now have over 360 retail sites throughout North America. Sephora is now available at JCPenney stores nationwide. There is something for everyone in their high-quality collection of perfumes and hair products from today's greatest brands.

A Sephora gift card is a pre-loaded gift card that may purchase in person or online. This gift card may purchase through BuySellVouchers. You may use your Sephora eGift Card as you like.

Check the tutorial on how to sell gift cards:

Buy and sell gift card with crypto on the BuySellVouchers Marketplace

BuySellVouchers has received many great reviews from vendors and continues to stand out as a competent and reliable option. It is one of the best systems on the market, with exceptional performance and great value.

Gift card marketplace

It is more vital than ever to utilize cryptocurrency to purchase goods. This platform enables you to do so, making things easier and more easily than before.

BuySellVouchers was built from the bottom up to convert cryptocurrencies into vouchers and gift cards redeemable on major online shopping sites. The biggest benefit is that most gift cards are less than their face value. That indicates you may receive a far greater ROI than you think. The ROI is much greater when there are numerous vendors.

BuySellVouchers gift card marketplace offers non-commission sales. Sellers may take advantage of this offer and test it out. It is a fun and easy method to purchase and sell vouchers, and it works well. The lack of commissions ensures that you are receiving the best bargain for your money. It is a terrific chance to take the experience to the next level.

Buy and sell gift cards

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