Reliable protection of the seller & buyer

1 Step 1

The seller adds the goods

The buyer finds the goods

2 Step 2

The buyer pays for the goods

Money is stored 36 hours in a safe.


The buyer has 36 hours to check the goods.

Step 3

The buyer receives the goods immediately after payment

Exception: product with delay send.

They are marked with special icons

4 Step 4

After 36 hours, the seller receives money for the goods.

Good news for gift cards buyers: We have added PayPal and many other payment methods

We are excited to announce that it’s finally possible to use PayPal as the payment method for gift cards on Buysellvouchers. This is something we wanted to add for a very long time, and it’s also one of those requests that people brought to us. Now you have access to all the most popular payment methods and pretty much all the methods you want, all in a great package.

Buy gift cards with PayPal

When paying by PayPal, you are also offered other payment methods:

- Visa Credit card

- Master Credit card

- SOFORT / Buyer countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom

- Bancontact / Buyer country: Belgium

- BLIK / Buyer country: Poland

- Przelewy24 / Buyer country: Poland

- eps / Buyer country: Austria

- giropay / Buyer country: Germany

- iDEAL / Buyer country: Netherlands

- MyBank / Buyer country: Italy

Note: For now, PayPal can only be used as a payment method by sellers who have confirmed by documentation that they are official distributors of a particular product.

We hope that the new payment methods will be a valuable addition to both buyers and sellers of gift cards. This will make it even more convenient to buy a variety of popular gift cards such as Google Play, Skype, Spotify, iTunes, eBay, Netflix, Uber, Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy, Airbnb, Turbobit and many more. There are a plethora of categories to choose from here, like Gift cards, Prepaid voucher, Download and File hosting services, Restaurants, VoIP, Mobile communications, Prepaid vouchers, Software, Games, Ebooks and many others. We plan to continue expanding the range of payment systems.

Why should you choose Buysellvouchers?

We are always focused on security and making sure that you have access to the right solutions and services. We are committed to excellence and we work very hard to bring in front the best quality and services on the market. We understand that there will always be challenges, which is why we are always here to help. Our focus is to make it easy for everyone to buy and sell gift cards with cryptocurrency & e-currency. On top of that, our system is very easy to use, and you will get the hang of it in no time. When you use it, you will appreciate the ease of use and high quality.

Sell gift cards for PayPal

How does it work?

If you are a buyer, you just enter the website and find the gift cards you want to buy. You place the order, and the seller needs to honor it in 12 hours. Upon honoring the order, the seller will get paid. The entire process we created here is very simple and easy to understand, while also giving you all the control you need. You can buy and sell as many gift cards you want, and the best part is that Buysellvouchers has no commission.

Finding the right way to buy gift cards with crypto can be hard, especially in today’s day and age. All you have to do is to give Buysellvouchers a try for yourself and use these services. It helps immensely, and it brings in front a great and empowerin way. This is the ultimate way for you to achieve the results you expect, and in the end, this will provide the great potential you always wanted. Avail this great opportunity and start using Buysellvouchers for buying and selling gift cards today!

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