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Top 5 gift cards which can serve as great gifts

In our lives, there are numerous events like birthdays, occasions, festivals, etc., and these events also involve choosing the right type of gift. A gift has to be attractive and should have utility as well. But now you do not need to visit the gift shops as there is a new gift that will serve as a great treat to your loved one and it is called a gift card.

Gift cards are a type of debit card that is loaded with cash in advance, which means that the card allows the cardholder to purchase items up to the cash amount value that the gift card holds. Here are the top five gift cards which you can purchase and gift.

Google Play gift card

One of the most trending applications worldwide is Google Play which is widely used by many Android users worldwide. You get several options to choose from movies, books, games, and other apps on Google Play to choose from. But now, Google Play has made it easier to purchase apps from Google Play as it has launched its own Google Play gift card.

The Google Play gift card allows you to make purchases of the latest and your favorite movies, apps, and books just sitting on your couch in just a few minutes. The recharge process of the gift card is also very easy and you can do it quickly without any effort and your gift card will be ready to be used.

How to buy Google Play gift cards online

So, what are you waiting for? Surprise your loved one right now and make them accessible to tons of apps on Google Play. If your friend is a game maniac, then gift him a Google Play gift card right now so that he can play the most trending games like Minecraft, PUBG, and many more. You can also save while you are gifting as you can get the Google Play gift card at discounted rates if you use Buysellvouchers.com.

How to redeem the Google Play gift card

In order to redeem the Google Play gift card, follow the given steps:

  • - First, visit the Google Play Store on your phone or laptop.
  • - Select the option in the top left corner which is appearing on the screen.
  • - Now, from amongst the options choose the option of Redeem.
  • - Then enter the Google Play Recharge Code.
  • - Then select the option of “Redeem” and redeem process is completed.

The Google play gift card can be used to make in-app purchases. So, what are you waiting for the gift of a Google play gift card or several apps to your friends or family and let them explore the world of apps on Google Play.

Amazon gift card

In this world of the digital market, Amazon has successfully made its place among one of the most popular internet retailers and today a large part of the population is using this online store. Following the trend of gift cards, Amazon also launched its gift card named the Amazon gift card.

The Amazon gift card has made corporate gifting accessible and easy as the gift card can be delivered online as well as through physical means all across the world. The Amazon gift card allows the cardholder to purchase and make any transaction on the Amazon online store at his fingertips. The gift card is the fastest and the easiest way to gift to someone and you can also choose from several options that are availed by Amazon.

Amazon gift card

The Amazon gift card can be used in many ways to gift like it can be used by a company to gift its employees or it can be also used for festive gifting and many more. Even if you are living in different corners of the world, the card is available in many forms, so that the distance of living far from your loved ones does not create a barrier in the gifting ritual.

The gift card is delivered through physical means, in the form of E-mail, and in the form of greeting cards as well. If you are saving but still you want to gift, then do not worry as the Amazon gift card is very economical and will surely not disturb your budget.

Where can the Amazon gift card be used?

The Amazon pay gift card can be used for making purchases on the official site of Amazon. We are not always sure about the choice of gifts that the other person wants, so this gift card allows the gift cardholder to make a purchase from the site of Amazon and can buy any product, like books, movies, tickets, etc. Purchase the Amazon Gift card right now and make your loved one smile.

iTunes gift card

In this era of technology, it is now possible that you can get access to the whole world of entertainment if you have got a card. The key to the box of entertainment is the iTunes gift card which is offered by Apple. A million songs, movies, and games that are offered by Apple can be purchased using the iTunes gift card.

Itunes gift card

You can purchase the iTunes gift card by visiting an apple authorized store and the gift card will be delivered to you online through email or an Apple account. You can also buy the iTunes gift card at discount on Buysellvouchers. The gift card is very versatile and you can also use it sitting in any corner of the world.

The use of an iTunes gift card

The iTunes gift card has many uses and it can be used by customers for purchasing virtual products from the iTunes store, App store, Apple books, or Apple TV apps. So, if you are also having an iTunes gift card, you can also get easy access to your favorite movies, games, books, and many informative apps as well. The iTunes gift card is also very handy when you have to pay a subscription fee for certain services like Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, and a lot more.

The redeeming process of an iTunes gift card

If you want to redeem your gift card, you must be aware of the redemption code that is mentioned at the back of the iTunes gift card and then follows the given steps to complete the redeeming:

  • - Visit the App Store.
  • - Then, select your name or click on the sign-in button on the sidebar.
  • - Select the option of “Redeem”.

Then follow the given instructions and enter your 16-digit code and your card will be redeemed.

Enter the world of super exciting content right now and buy an iTunes gift card for yourself or as a gift for someone.

Starbucks gift card

Another gift card amongst the top five gift cards is the Starbucks gift card. Starbucks is termed as the largest coffeehouse chain in the entire world which is very famous for its delicious coffee and has a large number of loyal customers. So, if your friend is a coffee person and is all about coffee all day, then the Starbucks gift card is the perfect gift to give to him.

Starbucks gift card

All Starbucks customers have a Starbucks account through which they can get the card via the Starbucks app or they can also purchase a gift card by visiting any of the physical stores of Starbucks. If you want to buy the Starbucks gift card at discount, Buysellvouchers will be an option for you. You can gift several coffee cups and many more things to your family and friends by just gifting them a card.

How can the Starbucks card be used?

The Starbucks Card can be used at any official store of Starbucks and the Starbucks gift card can also be used for making payments online on the Starbucks online app. Any product ranging from coffee to merchandise can be purchased using a gift card. But the only clause that comes in between is that the card once purchased cannot be refunded for cash.

Starbucks eGift card

Starbucks not only offers a physical card but also offers eGift cards. The perfect gift that you can gift to anyone, even if you are staying away from your close ones, is the Starbucks eGift Card that can bring a wide smile to anyone’s face. You just need an email address and the card will be delivered on that particular special occasion to the email address of the gift receiver and that too within a few minutes. The Starbucks gift card is an apt gift for all the coffee lovers out there.

Skype gift card

Skype is an app that provides people with the service of video chat and calls which is a great platform that is very useful for many companies for holding business meetings. Now, Skype has also availed the option of Skype gift cards which are useful for people who are technology maniac.

Skype gift card

So, for all your business partners or friends who are involved in working from home, the Skype gift card is the most useful thing for those people. All the features that are available on Skype can be availed if a person has a Skype gift card. The Skype gift card can also be the best present for your parents if you are living away from them.

The features of the Skype gift card

Do not worry about the high rates of video calls or long-distance calls if you have got a Skype gift card, as with the help of a Skype gift card, you can make calls at affordable rates and can get in constant touch with your close ones.

Easiest to get

Yes, you read it right, the card is the easiest thing to get and gift someone. After the credit Skype card is purchased, a redemption code will be delivered through email which will enable the user to get the card online and then use it. So, in short, you can surprise anyone with a Skype gift card, and the virtual gift card is in a way better and safer than a physical gift card as the physical gift card has the chance of getting lost but the virtual card does not.

So, if you or any of your close friends or family is a tech maniac then a Skype gift card is the latest and most useful gift that you can give to them. So, what are you waiting for, log into the Buysellvouchers official website and purchase the gift card right now and fulfill the wishes of your close ones on their birthdays or any other festivity or you can also just surprise them as small little gifts very special.

Buy gift cards with crypto or e-currency

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There are different cards for different types of people and different occasions. They all come with special features that make them more valuable for your loved one. Looking at the brighter side of these gift cards, it can be said that they are something different and unique to be gifted to someone. A lot of times, people do not know about the choices of other people and get confused about the gift to be gifted, so in this situation, the gift card is a perfect gift. So, place an order for your favorite gift card from the list above and surprise your family and friends today.

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