What Is App Store & Itunes Gift Card And How Does It Work?

ITunes is the marketplace of Apple for all the things like entertainment, software, media and a lot more. If you have got App Store & Itunes gift card, then you are lucky as you can use it for purchasing the applications, movies, music, books and other things.

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About App Store & Itunes Gift Card

Let’s jump to the basic terms. What is this gift card from Apple all about? To understand it better, you must understand it is a pre-purchased gift for the Apple’s iTunes store, App Store and Apple Books. Itunes store is a software and media market place where you can purchase apple applications, movies and music.

This store is not similar to the Apple store where you can make use of these scan gift cards for purchasing MacBooks or iPhones.

Apple Store Gift Card vs App Store & Itunes Gift Card

Before using the Apple gift card, you must understand which gift card you have? The Apple company offers two types of gift cards. One is Apple store gift card and the other is App store & Itunes gift card.

The Apple Store Gift Card

This can be used in the Apple retail store or Apple online store. When you turn back these cards, you will find some necessary information which includes:

  • - A link to a site where you can have a look at the balance of your gift card;
  • - Includes the text which states that card can be used in the online store of apple or retail store and stating you cannot redeem the card in iTunes store;
  • - It also has a helpline phone number.

The App Store & Itunes Gift Card

The App store & Itunes gift card can be used easily in your Apple App Store, Books Store or iTunes Store. On the back of this card, you may find some useful information such as:

  • - Link to the official website where you are free to redeem the gift card;
  • - The statement showing that this card can be used on the applications, games, movies, music, books, iCloud and TV shows;
  • - It includes a link support.apple.com/giftcard which can be visited anytime for the best help.

You can also have a different and an older card. It is still possible to redeem these gift cards for Apple ID credit; just follow the steps specified on the back of your card.

What does App Store & Itunes Gift Card code consist of?

The Gift Card consists of an App store & Itunes gift card code which has to be located as the redemption code. When you will try redeeming a gift card, you are asked about this redemption code only.

You just need to scratch or peel off the label gently given on the back of your gift card for revealing the secret 16 symbols code which starts with X. In case, your code gets illegible or damaged, you may contact the Apple Support.

Similarly, your promotional content code may not have a sticker, might not begin with X or may not have 16 digits code too.

What are issued gift cards value?

The issued gift cards value may differ from a card to card. For knowing the value of your issued gift card, you can check Itunes gift card balance at the iTunes store. You just need to create your account at the iTunes if you are not having one.

In the link box which is present on the right side, you will find a Itunes gift card redeem link. You can enter your information on a gift card, and the updated value of your gift card will appear near the top of the iTunes it.

There are other ways to check the value and balance of your gift card too. You can make use of the iPhone wallet app where you need to click on the passes tab and select the iTunes pass. There you can also find the value of your gift card in one click.

Where can I check if the App Store & Itunes Gift Card code is valid?

Sometimes you get an App store & Itunes gift card codes but still doubtful whether it is valid or not. There are few ways for checking the same. Commonly the only way to know it is by trying and redeeming it, but this may ruin the chance of letting someone else uses it.

Well, you can try logging out of the iTunes and in case you have to save the password option selected, log in back for unchecking this option before you log out again. Quitting iTunes can help.

Soon after this, you need to reopen and try redeeming a code without logging in. If in case your gift card is already used or not valid, you will receive a message which will tell so but if it will be valid for redeeming, the iTunes will prompt for the password.

In this case, you can press on the cancel option and can keep it in the same way.

Where and how App Store & Itunes Gift Card can be used

The App store & iTunes digital gift card can be used for paying for the items in an international store if you don’t have a valid payment form like a credit card of a particular country. You can also buy these cards online.

There are many places where you can use these App store & iTunes gift cards. Have a look at it below:

Mobile apps and games. These gift cards are used commonly for buying mobile games and apps. Nowadays many of the games and apps are available for free and rely on the in-app purchases. But with the best use of these gift cards, you can buy paid games and apps easily.

Subscription for Apple music. By the great iTunes gift card code, you can fund your subscription for Apple music which costs around $9.99 for individuals every month, $4.99 for students and $14.99 for families of around 6 people in the US every month.

The Apple music offers unlimited streaming of millions of songs and with the best use of your gift card; you can enjoy it for free.

Other subscriptions. You can also avail other subscriptions by these scan gift cards. You can get your hands on the ESPN, Tidal, Netflix, Hulu, and others.

iCloud storage. This sounds interesting as everyone needs additional iCloud storage on their Apple products. When you first sign up on iCloud, you are offered 5 GB of free storage for videos, pictures, and others.

By this iTunes card, you can upgrade to an additional storage plan which includes 50 GB, 200 GB, 2TB and others based on your card value.

A gift to your friends. You can also give your family and friends the App store & iTunes Gift card so that they can selecting anything from the iTunes store or App store. This card can be found in the form of a digital card or a physical one that gets delivered by mail or by post.

One can redeem their card from the same iTunes store or App store from where you purchased it. Additionally, you can buy games, apps, TV shows, movies, music and subscriptions for added fun.

How to use App Store & Itunes Gift Card code

If you have recently got an App store & iTunes gift card and confused over how to use it? Then you can redeem the same direction on the iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. You don’t have to bother switching to the computer for redeeming it when there is an easy way of doing it.

How to use it through the app of the iTunes Store on your apple device:

  • - Click on the tab of “Music” from the bottom menu;
  • - Navigate to the bottom of your featured albums and you will find an icon called “redeem”;
  • - Click on “Redeem” icon;
  • - Type in your Itunes gift card code in the text field and click on the redeem option given in the right corner.

Through Apple App Store:

  • - Click on the featured tab available in the bottom;
  • - Scroll to the bottom of your featured apps and you will find the redeem option;
  • - Click on the redeem option;
  • - Type in your iTunes gift card number in the text field.

For redeeming it on PC or MAC:

  • - Open the iTunes;
  • - Log in with Apple ID if you have not signed in yet;
  • - Click on the account option from its menu bar laid on top of the screen and then choose to redeem from the drop-down menu;
  • - Use your camera in the computer for redeeming the gift card and click on the camera for Itunes gift card picture and follow the directions;
  • - You can also enter the code which appears on cards back in filed as, “you can enter the code manually”.

Follow the given instructions and get ready to use your gift card right away.

It is simple and easy to use the App store & Itunes gift card codes. This allows you to redeem the gift cards right on your Apple device instead of clicking on iTunes on the computer. Redeem your iTunes gift card with

Can I redeem an App Store & iTunes Gift Card in another country?

Well, in case you are trying to redeem the App store & iTunes gift card which was used in different regions or countries, then make sure that you redeem them in the iTunes store for the same region or country. It is not allowed to redeem the cards outside the region or country of purchase.

You can access more than 50 million songs, apps latest shows, music and more by the gift card which keeps on offering amazing offers.

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So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the App Store & iTunes Gift Cards today which acts as the amazing gifts which can be redeemed for different items at App Store, iTunes Store, or Apple Books. Whether you want to give them for birthdays or you have received them for a thank you gesture, you can use them for buying games, movies, music and other things.

Shop for the favorite music or get ready to subscribe for the Apple music now. The best thing is you can use your App store & iTunes gift card on iOs devices, PC, Mac or even at the android mobile device right away.

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