The 10 Winners of the 14th Gift Card Giveaway!

Gift card giveaway

We have compiled the results of the 14th gift card giveaway, 10 winners have been determined!

The winners:

1. খান মোহাম্মদ লোকমান মাহাদি

2. Walter Vinod Ofonagoro

3. Johan Martinez

4. Jessica Alvarado

5. Samia Faruque Kabbo

6. Tasnim Jahan

7. Sanjina Akter Laki

8. Putta Poojary

9. Joshua Osinachi

10. Danesh Roy

The Xbox gift cards will be sent to the winners during the day.

For those who did not win, we can offer discount codes (5%) for gift cards such as Razer Gold, Nintendo, Steam, PlayStation, Spotify, Amazon, FIFA coins, Valorant, League of Legends, Jawaker, Free Fire, Roblox, Apex Legends, iTunes, Google Play, Xbox. If anyone is interested, contact us via Facebook!

NOTE: The 15th gift card giveaway will be available in a week.

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