Надежная защита продавца и покупателя

1 Step 1

Продавец добавляет товар

Покупатель находит товар

2 Step 2

Покупатель оплачивает товар

Деньги хранятся 36 часов в сейфе.


У покупателя есть 36 часов на проверку товара.

Step 3

Покупатель получает товар сразу после оплаты

Исключение: товар с отложенной отправкой

Они отмечены специальными значками.

4 Step 4

Через 36 часов продавец получает деньги за товар.

Seller Agreement


    • 1.1 BuySellVouchers Market ORGANIZERS.

      • 1.1.1 BuySellVouchers is a complex of Internet programs designed to provide users with convenient automatic interface that allows to perform instant transactions when buying or selling various online-products. Online-product is a product which have digital form or which can be represented in digital form (graphics or other files, textual information, etc.).
      • 1.1.2 BuySellVouchers Market Organizers reserve the right to amend this Agreement at any time by posting its new version in full on the BuySellVouchers website. The new agreement comes into force within 3 days from the date of its publication on the BuySellVouchers website.
      • 1.1.3. All payments carried out on BuySellVouchers Market are made using various electronic currencies, which are not currencies of any State. In connection with foresaid the terms: "purchase", "sale", "buyer", "seller", "product", "shop", "price" and other derivatives used in present agreement and in any other section of this website are used solely for the convenience and can not be apprehended as a designation of what is called "Product", "Shop", etc in strict legal terms, as well as other actions related to financial services in trading, procurement, commission, mediatory, promotional or other activities.
      • 1.1.4. We do not participate in contingent disagreements and arguments (including legal proceedings) between buyers and sellers.
      • 1.1.5. We are not responsible for the products offered for buying and selling.
      • 1.1.6. BuySellVouchers may grant exclusive rights for selling a particular product for a specified period of time. The cost of this service and the validity period of this right are discussed separately.
      • 1.1.7. BuySellVouchers reserves the right to determine minimum prices (threshold price) for a particular product or section of the site. In this case the Seller offering such products for sale shall not determine a price below the threshold.
      • 1.1.8. We reserve the absolute right to unilaterally remove any information from our website if it does not comply with this agreement, applicable law or violate the rights of third parties.
      • 1.1.9. We have the right to refuse BuySellVouchers services to you at our discretion, in case we have evidence of your illegal activities in relation to BuySellVouchers or its users, as well as in the case if you have negative rating.
      • 1.1.10. In the absence of Level 3 or Level 4 status your account and products may be temporarily blocked, if the buyer who has purchased your product is not satisfied with it and leaves a negative feedback. You will lose the right to use BuySellVouchers services if you fail to provide any evidence proving your case, or fail to reconcile a dispute with buyer, or do not return the amount paid by the buyer in full within one month.
      • 1.1.11. We reserve the absolute right to make a refund for the product sold that receives negative feedback after the transaction and seller has not left a counter comment or has not contacted the administration within 3 days. Refund is made in full from the seller's personal account including all applicable fees.
      • 1.1.12. BuySellVouchers has the right to suspend or terminate the seller's registration and deny access to the site, if the administration has reasonable assumption that the seller is involved in unlawful activity of any kind.
      • 1.1.13. We have the right to request any documents with a proof of the product source/origin (suppliers, purchase documents, copyright patents/certificates) and extend a withdrawal period of funds gained from the sell of this product, if the source of product deemed to be doubtful.
    • 1.2. BuySellVouchers Market SELLERS

      • 1.2.1. Any person that has a registration as the Seller and accepts a responsibility of unconditional compliance with this Agreement may become a Seller.
      • 1.2.2. Offering a product for sale you thereby agree that you have the legal right to sell this product.
      • 1.2.3. Products prohibited for selling on BuySellVouchers Market:
        • 1. Products violating current legislation;
        • 2. Products not in accordance with this Agreement and with common sense;
        • 3. Trojans, viruses, internet-worms, cracking programs, programs for unlawful acquisition of any information, "hacker's" programs;
        • 4. Products violating copyright law;
        • 5. Any information regarding BuySellVouchers Sellers and Buyers;
        • 6. Any information regarding payment systems users;
        • 7. Any Internet cheating software (autosurfers, autocollectors, autoclickers);
        • 8. E-mail addresses and SMTP (POP3) servers (e-mail databases, spam-lists);
        • 9. Any software collecting e-mail adresses and mass email/messaging software (posting to bulletin boards, forums, blogs, etc.);
        • 10. Any product of erotic nature (adult-products);
        • 11. Products not ensuring instant receipt of content after payment (information regarding the bargain outside this Market);
        • 12. Products with advertising material of third-party resources, shops, markets, etc. in their
        • name, description or any other supplementary information;
        • 13. Products regarding Internet-commerce (financial pyramids, investment projects, sponsors, methods, secrets, systems, recommendations, business packages, links etc.);
        • 14. Products compilations (content combining several different types of products);
        • 15. It is forbidden to sell Ukash, Paysafecard, Moneypak, Paypal account.
      • 1.2.4 Sellers are owing to fulfil their liabilities towards the BuySellVouchers Market Organizers.
      • 1.2.5. The seller must specify the correct registration data, and the requirement to pass the administration of identification.Disclaimer of identification, as well as providing false information during the registration process leads to an account lockout, and denial of service. In this case your account funds will be blocked.
      • 1.2.6 The use of any advertising material in abbreviated or full name of organization (.e addresses of third-party websites) when stating personal identification data is prohibited to BuySellVouchers Sellers.
      • 1.2.7 BuySellVouchers Seller is liable to additional requirements regarding product appearance (including price conditions), stated on (Product's Description and Price Evaluation) page.
      • 1.2.8. BuySellVouchers Seller agrees to place theirs products strictly in the applicable product category section. The final authority on the conformity of the product and section for placement rests with the administration BuySellVouchers
  • 2. PAYMENTS FOR THE USE OF BuySellVouchers

    • 2.1. Use of BuySellVouchers Market is partially free. Applicable fees are charged upon successful transaction only.
    • 2.2. We may bring or change a fee for certain services on BuySellVouchers at our discretion. This information will be distributed to BuySellVouchers Sellers in advance on the News page of our website.
    • 2.3. We reserve the right to impose additional fees on certain product categories.

    • 3.1 We grant you the use of the BuySellVouchers services in the form as it is at the present moment and without any warranty.
    • 3.2. We do not warrant continuous and unconditional access to the BuySellVouchers services. BuySellVouchers functioning can be interrupted by insuperable forces and other factors, prevention or overcoming of which are beyond limits of BuySellVouchers organizers.
    • 3.3. We make no warranties in respect of right of property on products sold or purchased on BuySellVouchers, their suitability for specific intent or non-violation of third parties rights.
    • 3.4. We make no warranties in respect of BuySellVouchers Market sellers and their actions.

    • 4.1. Any dispute or claim between you and BuySellVouchers Market Organizers will be resolved by negotiation.
    • 4.2. We do not compensate any losses you may sustain in the event of intentional or careless violation of any term of this Agreement and related regulations.
    • 4.3. The maximum liability of the BuySellVouchers Market organizers can not exceed your paid equivalent for the use of BuySellVouchers Market services.
  • 5. BuySellVouchers STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

    • 5.1. forbidden to provide false information when registering.
    • 5.2. It is forbidden for one person to do multiple registrations.
    • 5.3. It is forbidden to use the market as an e-currency exchange service.
    • 5.4 Sellers are prohibited from demanding the buyer to remove a negative feedback, and then promise to replace the procuct, or return the money for the products. The seller can always press the button to return the money to the buyer, and the money will be automatically returned, and the negative feedback will be deleted.
    • 5.5 It is forbidden to correspond with the buyer anywhere except at www.buysellvouchers.com. It is also forbidden to ask the buyer for an Email, or any other means of communication outside the site www.buysellvouchers.com. For violation of any of these rules, the seller may be refused service, without any compensation. This is done to fight fraudsters, and protect buyers.

By accepting this Agreement you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this Agreement, agree that this Agreement will apply whenever you use BuySellVouchers Market services and are liable to unconditional observance of this Agreement.


Архив новостей

В ближайшие время, будет доступна версия 2.0 delay send

Продавец будет иметь возможность выбора. Или загружать товар на маркет на склад, и покупатель получает его сразу после оплаты. Или посылать товар покупателю уже после того произошла оплата. Таким образом нету необходимости держать товар на складе.

Как купить и продавать подарочные карты на BuySellVouchers.com

В этой статье вы узнаете как купить и продавать подарочные карты на BuySellVouchers.com (платформа для торговли подарочными картами и ваучерами).
Преимущества онлайн торговой платформы BuySellVouchers.com:
- Для продавцов. Продажи без комиссий!
- Для покупателей. Скидки до 35%!
- Надежный сервис с 2012 г.
Платформа простая в использовании, и бесплатна!
Здесь вы найдете простой пример, как как купить подарочные карты на BuySellVouchers.com:

Здесь вы найдете простой пример, как разместить/добавить продукт для продажи на BuySellVouchers.com:

BuySellVouchers.com это онлайн-платформа продажи и покупки подарочных карт, ваучеров и купонов для покупателей и продавцов по всему миру.
Доступные подарочные карты и ваучеры: Amazon, Skype, Ebay, Google Play, Itunes, Best Buy, Steam, Walmart, Sephora, Spotify, Adidas, Uber, Nike, Microsoft, Netflix, GoDaddy, Turbobit, Starbucks, Alldebrid, Airbnb, Dellmont, FastVoip, Betamax, Poivy, Letitbit, Ikea, Neteller, Cashu, Skrill, 12Voip, Voipdiscount, Google Ads, Facebook, Nymgo, Plati, Nimbuzz, Rebvoice...
Вы можете предложить новые товары для добавления на платформу. Служба поддержки рассмотрит все ваши предложения!
Доступные способы оплаты: WebMoney, Advanced Cash (Advcash), Perfect Money, Litecoin (LTC), Tether ERC20 (USDT), Ethereum (ETH), токен BS, биткойн и многие другие ( например, кредитные карты, PayPal…) будут добавлены в ближайшее время.
Платформа BuySellVouchers.com успешно работает уже более 8 лет и продолжает развиваться!

Мы добавили две новые категории: ПО и Электронные книги

Рады вам сообщить, что мы добавили две новые категории цифровых товаров: ПО и Электронные книги. Надеемся, что эти новые категории товаров окажутся полезными как покупателям, так и продавцам. Нам важно обеспечить нашим покупателям и продавцам высокий уровень сервиса, поэтому мы и дальше продолжим совершенствовать и развивать рынок BuySellVouchers.