Надежная защита продавца и покупателя

1 Step 1

Продавец добавляет товар

Покупатель находит товар

2 Step 2

Покупатель оплачивает товар

Деньги хранятся 36 часов в сейфе.


У покупателя есть 36 часов на проверку товара.

Step 3

Покупатель получает товар сразу после оплаты

Исключение: товар с мануальной доставкой.

Они отмечены специальными значками.

4 Step 4

Через 36 часов продавец получает деньги за товар.

Poker товары

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poker voucher

О ваучерах Poker

Nowadays many poker lovers visit poker-sites more and more often in order to play their favorite game sitting by their computers. This is very convenient and it lets save time and forces that could be spent for getting to poker club.

Today there are many large poker-sites, like pokerstars.com, partypoker.com, celebpoker.com and many others.

To play poker online, player must be registered on a website he is playing on and have certain amount of money on his personal account.

Despite that many online poker resources allow their users to replenish their accounts with help of many different services of electronic payments and electronic bank cards, there are too many people who are not able to use any of these methods of replenishment. For example, some foreign poker resources don’t support replenishing account with such popular service of virtual money as WebMoney.

In case like these, poker voucher may come in handy. In general this voucher is an electronic code that has a structure of numeral sequence (in some cases it consists of numbers and letters). It lets user to replenish his personal account on a poker site in just a few minutes.

Voucher can be purchased very easily. It can be done on our website by asking the seller of desired voucher. When the voucher has been bought, it’s necessary to visit the poker site, open the replenishment page and select “replenish with voucher code”.