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Более 264 продуктов в 76 категориях. 178 покупок в день и +5280 новых клиентов в месяц. Это BuySellVouchers

About BuySellVouchers


BuySellVouchers is a commercial market place that brings the buyer and seller directly. BuySellVouchers accepts your payments for products placed by sellers on the basis of Agreement previously negotiated with them.

BuySellVouchers will not constitute as a party in your transaction with the seller and is not responsible for any damages and/or losses that may arise in case of default of either party. BuySellVouchers do not interfere with the process of your transaction, but provides a convenient interface for it.

BuySellVouchers can not guarantee that seller is 100% honest, although has been working hard during last 3 years to ensure that all sales on our Market are made bona fide. BuySellVouchers is not responsible for product quality and is responsible for the timely delivery of product after payment only.

For legal notifications

In order to counter copyright and ownership infringements, as well as to avoid baseless charges to the site's administration for secondary infringement, BuySellVouchers Market Administration ( addresses an appeal to all users with a request to immediately inform us by e-mail in case of disclosure of copyright and ownership infringements on BuySellVouchers Market. We kindly ask you to inform us about the infringement matter and provides all necessary and authentic information confirming your copyrights or ownership. Please be sure to provide your contact details (full name, phone number).

In order to avoid unnecessary and false allegations of above-mentioned rights violation, the Administration will refuse to provide services on BuySellVouchers Market only after receiving your written notice of infringement with copies of documents confirming your copyright or ownership.

Please send your notice to the following address: Law office "Vidzus & Partneri" Brivibas str. 43, Riga, LV-1011, Latvia, Reinis Eisaks lawyer

Company info

Reg. nr.: 40103787920


В ближайшие время будет проведена глобальная реформа маркета

Будет использована новая финансовая система. Теперь продавцы будут получать за свои товары, те ел.валюты, которыми оплатили покупатели. Если покупатель оплатил биткоин, то продавец получит на свой внутренний баланс биткоин, и с другими валютами такая-же система, чем оплатил покупатель, то получил продавец. И далее продавец уже выводит на свой личный кошелёк свои средства без комиссии. Если у продавца нету кошелька в нужной системе, то у нас в специальном разделе “Обмен”, продавец сможет обменять ел.валюту на нужную ему.Вас ждёт новый и современный дизайн. Он будет запущен через некоторое время после обновление системы.

Happy Easter!​

Celebrate this day with peace, love and bliss. Have a blessed and holy Easter!BuySellVouchers Team wishes Happy Easter!
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