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Privacy Policy and Information about the Processing of your Personal Data

Your privacy is important to BuySellVouchers, and BuySellVouchers is committed to respecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal data, traffic data, and communications content.

This Privacy Statement is designed to assist you in understanding how BuySellVouchers uses and safeguards the information you provide when using BuySellVouchers goods and services.

1. What is a Privacy Policy?

1.1. In our privacy policy, we explain who is responsible for the processing of personal data that occurs when you use BuySellVouchers goods and services. We also describe which elements of personal data about you is being processed when you provide information to us in various situations, how we process personal data, why we do so, and what legal support we rely on to justify the processing, as well as explaining which third parties may be processing your personal data about you so that we will be able to provide the goods or services you have ordered. You also receive information about your rights concerning our processing of your personal data, and how to proceed in order to exercise your rights.

2. Important terms and concepts

2.1. Here are some important terms and concepts that may be helpful to gain a fuller understanding our privacy policy:

a) “Personal Data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. An identifiable natural person is an individual who can be identified directly or indirectly with reference to an element of data, for instance name, an identification number such as a National personal ID number, national photo ID, information about location, online identifiers such as an IP address, or one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, financial, cultural or social identity of the individual.
b) “Processing” means a measure or combination of measure concerning personal data, such as the collection, registration, organizing, structuring, storage, adaptation or modification, production, reading, usage, disclosure by transfer, dissemination or provision by other means, adjustment or compilation, limitation, erasure or destruction.
c) Communications Content: Any information that is communicated by you when utilising BuySellVouchers services being this calls or SMS transmitted via cellular network, VoIP, 3G data, WiFi etc. or instant messages through BuySellVouchers or 3rd party providers supported through the BuySellVouchers Service;
d) Registration Information: Any information provided when voluntarily registering on the Website, including, but not limited to, username and password;
e) BuySellVouchers operates under SIA AirVF Reg nr. 40103787920
f) Subscriber Information: Information required in order to verify your identity and to provide you with the BuySellVouchers Services, such as but not limited to your name, billing information and email address as provided by you on the Website;
g) User Profile: Any information about you, the user, provided by you on the Website;
h) BuySellVouchers Services: The free as well as the payable Services provided by BuySellVouchers and/or BuySellVouchers’s partners, including but not limited to, electronic and crypto currency exchange and other Services which may be extended or altered from time to time;
i) Website: The BuySellVouchers Website as found at

3. Who is responsible for the processing?

3.1. BuySellVouchers is the data controller in relation to the processing. In this text, BuySellVouchers is referred to as “We” and you who order goods and services from us, or who have shown an interest in ordering goods and services from us, are referred to as “You”.

4. Generally about our processing of personal data

4.1. We will only process the personal data about you that is necessary for the purposes as specified in Section 5 below. In addition, we have procedures for how we store and remove identifying information from personal data in order to continuously ensure that your personal data is sufficient and relevant at all times.

4.2. The information is collected directly from you at the time of registration process, and you will need to provide the Registration information we ask for in order to provide you with BuySellVouchers goods and services.

5. Which personal data we process about you and the reasons for the processing, and related matters

We process personal data to be able to provide BuySellVouchers goods and services to you.

5.1. In order to provide the BuySellVouchers goods and services, we will process all of the personal data you provide to us, such as your name, national registration number, address, e-mail address and telephone numbers, and the details of how you contacted us, such as IP address and other Subscriber information in order to fulfil the obligations of the agreement with you, also in order to process your order and manage the payment.

5.3. When using our website, we will automatically collect and process technical information including IP address, login information, type and version of operating system and device, time settings, selected language, cookies, etc., and time expended for planning orders, keystrokes, etc. These types of personal data that is provided in connection with using our website we refer to as “User Data.”

5.4. Your User Data is processed in order to provide you with sign in rights and use your user account on our, ensure your identity and age, have accurate and up-to-date information about you, to manage your choices in regards to settings and payment details, to assist with further developing and improving our website and the IT systems used to provide it, as well as to be able to deliver goods and services to you that you have ordered, in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions.

5.5. Our primary purpose in collecting personal data is to provide you with safe, smooth, efficient and customised services. We may use the personal data to provide the Services and customer support you request, resolve disputes, collect fees, troubleshoot problems, customise, measure, and improve BuySellVouchers goods, services, and Website content and layout, inform you about targeted marketing, service updates, and promotional offers (unless you explicitly request not to receive such information), compare information for accuracy, and to verify your identity, provide other Services for you as described when we collect the personal data.

5.6. You need to register to use a particular BuySellVouchers Services.

User Profile - BuySellVouchers stores the User Profile on a central server. You can access your User Profile from Log in section at in order to view, correct, complete or remove information.

Email Address - BuySellVouchers respects the privacy of personal email accounts and stores your email addresses as securely as other Personal Data. BuySellVouchers will not send you unwanted email messages or junk mail. Your details will not be passed to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit permission. However, BuySellVouchers will use your email to send messages in case of service disruption and/or service issues. BuySellVouchers may also use email to keep you updated with news about the BuySellVouchers services. If you do not wish to receive email updates, please contact BuySellVouchers at BuySellVouchers reserves the right to use email to notify you of any eventual claims related to your use of BuySellVouchers goods and services, including without limitation claims of violation of third party rights.

Subscriber Information - BuySellVouchers asks for Subscriber Information in order to verify your identity and to provide BuySellVouchers Services. We use third party banking organisations and other providers of payment services to bill for BuySellVouchers Services and we must, therefore, supply this billing provider with the necessary billing data. Please note that your billing data is sensitive information that can be used to track your use of BuySellVouchers Services. Please be sure to keep this information safe and do not share it with others.

5.7. BuySellVouchers will retain your information for as long as is necessary to perform the BuySellVouchers Services, invoice you for your use of the BuySellVouchers Services and until invoicing for the BuySellVouchers Services cannot be lawfully challenged and legal proceedings may no longer be pursued, carry out BuySellVouchers marketing activities, comply with applicable legislation, regulatory requests and relevant orders from competent courts, enforce our Terms of Services, or fulfil any of the other purposes detailed in this Privacy Statement.

5.8. Data we need to process as required by law - in addition to the above, we may process your personal data to fulfil legal obligations, for instance the obligation to keep accounting records, to the extent and during the time period as specified by law.

5.9. BuySellVouchers reserves the right to modify the provisions of this Privacy Statement if deemed necessary. We will inform you of these changes by publishing the revised Privacy Statement at The revised Privacy Statement shall come into effect within thirty (30) days of such publishing. Your continued use of the BuySellVouchers Services after the notice period of thirty (30) days, shall constitute your acceptance of the revised Privacy Statement. Please note that any revision requiring a change in a financial commitment from you (with the exception of changes due to currency fluctuations) will be explicitly communicated via email.

5.10. To process your payments, we may need to share some of your personal information with the person or company that you are paying or is paying you. Your contact information, date of sign­up, the number of payments you have received from verified BuySellVouchers users, and whether you have verified control of a bank account are provided to other BuySellVouchers users whom you transact with through our website. Additionally, you can provide to BuySellVouchers users any information about your account by filling in a special form My Account ­> Profile > Account ­> Public Information.

5.11. If you are buying goods or services and pay through BuySellVouchers, we may also provide the seller with your address to help complete your transaction with the seller. The seller is not allowed to use this information to market their services to you unless you have agreed to it. If an attempt to pay your seller fails, or is later invalidated, we may also provide your seller with details of the unsuccessful payment. To facilitate dispute resolutions, we may provide a buyer with the seller's address so that goods can be returned to the seller.

5.12. We work with merchants to enable them to accept payments from you using BuySellVouchers. In doing so, a merchant may share information about you with us, such as your email address, when you attempt to pay that merchant. We use this information to confirm to that merchant that you are a BuySellVouchers user and that the merchant should enable BuySellVouchers as a form of payment for your purchase. Also, if you request that we validate your status as a BuySellVouchers user with a third party, we will do so. Please note that merchants you buy from and contract with have their own privacy policies, and we are not responsible for their operations, including, but not limited to, their information practices.

5.13. Regardless, we will not disclose your credit card number or bank account number to anyone you have paid or who has paid you through our service, except with your express permission or if we are required to do so to comply with a subpoena or other legal process.

6. Use of Cookies

6.1. When you access our website, we, or third parties companies we hire to track how our website is used, may place small data files called "cookies" on your computer.

6.2. We send a "session cookie" to your computer when you log into your account. This type of cookie helps us to recognize you if you visit multiple pages on our site during the same session, so that we don't need to ask you for your password on each page. Once you logout or close your browser, this cookie expires and no longer has any effect.

6.3. We also use longer­lasting cookies for other purposes such as to display your e­mail address on our sign­in form, so that you don't need to retype the e­mail address each time you log in to your account.

6.4. We encode our cookies so that only we can interpret the information stored in them. You are free to decline our cookies if your browser permits, but doing so may interfere with your use of our website. We may also collect information about your computer or other access device to mitigate risk and for fraud prevention purposes.

7. Your right to revoke your consent

7.1. If you would like to exercise your right to view, correct, complete or remove your Personal Data, please contact BuySellVouchers at BuySellVouchers will fulfil your request within a reasonable period of time and upon verification of your identity, provided that the action taken by BuySellVouchers on your request does not contravene any applicable legislation.

7.2. With regards to your personal data and during the time your personal data is being processed only based on your consent, you may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us

8. How we will process your information and who it can be provided to

8.1. Except as provided below, BuySellVouchers will not sell, rent, trade or otherwise transfer any Personal and/or Traffic Data or Communications Content to any third party without your explicit permission, unless obliged to do so under applicable laws or by order of the competent authorities.

In order to provide BuySellVouchers Services or other services you have requested, BuySellVouchers may sometimes, if necessary, share your Personal and Traffic Data with BuySellVouchers’s Affiliates, partner services providers and/or the third party banking organisation or other providers of payment services. BuySellVouchers will always require these third parties to take appropriate organisational and technical measures to protect your Personal Data and Traffic Data and to observe the relevant legislation.

8.2. BuySellVouchers will not disclose your personal data to other companies for marketing purposes.

8.3. There are some third party links on the website. BuySellVouchers is not responsible for the privacy laws or content of such third­party websites. We encourage you to be aware when you leave the website and to read the privacy statements of each and every website that collects Personally Information about you.

9. Where is your personal data stored?

9.1. Your personal data is stored primarily in IT infrastructure provided by one of our personal data processors. The personal data is processed and stored primarily within the EU/EEA, with the exceptions set out below.

10. Data processed outside of the EU/EEA

10.1. BuySellVouchers retains personal data processors for the management of customer service systems, as well as partners outside of the EU/EEA. Therefore in connection with this processing, your personal data will be transferred outside of the EU/EEA.

10.2. Information collected on the Website may be stored and processed in any country in which BuySellVouchers maintains facilities. In this regard, or for purposes of sharing or disclosing data in accordance with Article 8, BuySellVouchers reserves the right to transfer information outside of your country. By using BuySellVouchers Services you consent to any such transfer of information outside of your country. As BuySellVouchers continues to develop its business, BuySellVouchers may sell or buy subsidiaries or business units. In such transactions, as well as in the event that BuySellVouchers or substantially all of its assets are acquired by a third party, personal information of BuySellVouchers users can likely be a transferred business asset. We reserve the right to include your Personal Information, collected as an asset, in any such transfer to a third party.

11. Your rights concerning access to the information we process

11.1. You are entitled to receive notice of and information about the data we process about you, and a copy of the data, by contacting us. We may charge an administrative fee corresponding to the costs incurred in order to produce and provide you the copies.

12. Your right to correction of incorrect data and deletion of data

12.1. If you would like to exercise your right to view, correct, complete or remove your Personal Data, please contact BuySellVouchers at BuySellVouchers will fulfil your request within a reasonable period of time and upon verification of your identity, provided that the action taken by BuySellVouchers on your request does not contravene any applicable legislation.

13. Your right to object to certain processing

13.1. In regards to the processing of personal data that is done for marketing purposes, you may make objections to this at any time. If you do so, your personal data will no longer be processed for marketing purposes. If you make objection relating to other uses, we will consider it against the reasons we have to continue with the processing of your personal data.

13.2. Contact us if you want to make any objections to any part of the processing that takes place based on a balancing of interests.

14. Your right to a restriction or limitation

14.1. You may also request that the processing of your personal data be limited (frozen) if in your opinion the personal data we are processing is not correct, if the processing would be unlawful/illegal, if we no longer need to retain or process the data but if you, despite this, still need them in order to be able to make a legal claim or if you have opposed the processing, and until we have dealt with your objections.

15. Your rights to data portability

15.1. You are entitled to obtain the personal data about you that you provided to us in a structured, widely-used and machine-readable format in order to be able to transfer this information to another data controller. This applies only to the information you yourself have provided to us, and only when the processing is based on your consent or for the purpose of being able to fulfil an agreement with you. If you want to obtain your personal data in this manner, please contact us.

16. Your right to lodge a complaint

16.1. At BuySellVouchers, we take your privacy very seriously. We are therefore very happy that your personal data is always processed in a proper and secure manner. If you have any comments about our handling or processing of personal data, please feel free to contact us.

16.2. If you believe that our personal data processing is incorrect in some manner, you are entitled to file a complaint to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, which is the regulatory authority for these matters. More information is available at

17. ​Prohibition

17.1. Any use or access to the websites by anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited.​If you are under 18, do not use or provide any information on the website or on or through any of its features, register on the website, use any of the interactive or public comment features on the website, or provide any information about yourself to us.

17.2. In case, we research any personal information from a child under 18 without verification of parental consent, we will delete that information immediately.

18. Feel free to contact us

18.1. Our contact details are: BuySellVouchers, Plaza de la Solidaridad 12, Postcode: 29002 , Málaga, España.

18.2. You can reach our customer service at: +34 80008003 or via e-mail at:


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Вам не нужно беспокоиться о переключении на компьютер для покупки, когда есть простой способ сделать это.Как его использовать ее с помощью приложения iTunes Store на вашем устройстве AppleНажмите на вкладку "Музыка" в нижнем меню;Перейдите в конец своих альбомов, и вы найдете иконку "Использовать"; Нажмите на иконку "Использовать";Введите код подарочной карты Itunes в текстовом поле и нажмите "Использовать" в правом углу. Через Apple App StoreНажмите на вкладку "Избранное" внизу;Прокрутите список до конца ваших приложений, и вы найдете опцию использования;Нажмите на опцию использования;Введите номер подарочной карты iTunes в текстовое поле.Для использования на PC или MAC, Откройте iTunes;Войдите в систему с помощью Apple ID, если вы еще не вошли;Выберите вариант учетной записи из меню, расположенного в верхней части экрана, а затем выберите опцию "Использовать" из выпадающего меню;Воспользуйтесь камерой на компьютере, чтобы использовать подарочную карту, нажмите на камеру для получения фото подарочной карты Itunes и следуйте инструкциям;Вы также можете ввести код, который появляется на картах в поле "вы можете ввести код вручную".Следуйте приведенным инструкциям и приготовьтесь к использованию подарочной карты. Это просто и удобно использовать коды подарочных карт App store & Itunes. Можно воспользоваться подарочными картами прямо с устройства Apple, вместо того, чтобы заходить в iTunes на компьютере. Используйте подарочную карту iTunes в несколько простых шагов.Могу ли я использовать подарочную карту App store & iTunes в другой стране?В случае, если вы пытаетесь использовать подарочную карту App store и iTunes для разных регионов или стран, убедитесь, что вы используете её в магазине iTunes для того же региона или страны. Не разрешается использовать карты за пределами региона или страны, в которой они были приобретены. Вы можете получить доступ к более чем 50 миллионам песен, последним шоу, музыке и многому другому с помощью подарочной карты, которая продолжает предлагать удивительные возможности.Купить или продать подарочную карту App store & Itunes!Если вы хотите купить или продать подарочную карту App store & Itunes быстро, просто и безопасно, то платформа будет лучшим выбором для вас! уже давно работает и зарекомендовала себя как надежная платформа для онлайн-торговли. предлагает следующие варианты пополнения счета и вывода средств: банковский перевод, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Advcash, Payeer, FasaPay, Webmoney, Visa, MasterCard.В настоящее время на сайте доступны такие номиналы подарочных карт App store и Itunes: 5USD, 10 USD, 25USD, 50USD, 100USD…Здесь вы можете найти короткую инструкцию, как купить подарочную карту App store & Itunes онлайн с помощью всего нескольких кликов:1) Сначала откройте веб-сайт –;2) Выберите категорию "Подарочные карты", затем выберите "Подарочные карты iTunes";3) Выберите "Подарочную карту", которую Вы хотите приобрести. Внимание: прежде чем выбрать конкретный подарочный код, обратите внимание на такие показатели, как "Рейтинг продавца" и "Количество продаж". Надежные продавцы будут иметь более высокий рейтинг доверия.4) Затем нажмите кнопку - "Купить".5) Выберите способ оплаты, который вы хотите использовать для покупки. Введите "CAPTCHA". Введите адрес электронной почты. И нажмите - "Оформить заказ".6) Осуществите оплату (Банковский перевод, Payeer, Webmoney, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Bitcoin, Litecoin). После осуществления платежа нажмите кнопку "Готово".После того, как получит ваш платеж, код подарочной карты Itunes будет отправлен по электронной почте. Теперь вы знаете, как это быстро и просто!ВыводТак чего же вы ждете? Берите подарочные карты App Store и iTunes, удивительные подарки, которые можно будет обменять на различные товары в App Store, iTunes Store или Apple Books. Хотите ли вы подарить их на день рождения или же вы сами получили их в знак благодарности? Вы можете использовать их для покупки игр, фильмов, музыки и других вещей. Покупайте любимую музыку или подпишитесь на Apple music прямо сейчас. Самое лучшее, что вы можете использовать вашу подарочную карту App store & iTunes на iOs устройствах, PC, Mac или даже на мобильном устройстве android.

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В ближайшее время будет введена новая система, которая защитит продавцов от колебаний курсов криптовалют. Иными словами, продавец не будет терять никаких доходов смомента продажи товара до момента получения средств.

Вскоре Visa и MasterCard будут доступны в качестве способа оплаты!

Мы рады сообщить Вам, что было согласовано подключение банковских карт. Это означает, что в ближайшее время платежные карты MasterCard и Visa будут доступны в качестве способов оплаты. Следует отметить, что платежные карты будут доступны только для покупки товаров (таких как подарочные карты, ваучеры, купоны, подарочные сертификаты, промо-коды) у продавцов с небольшим количеством отрицательных отзывов и чей рейтинг выше 2000. Если продавец имеет рейтинг ниже 2000, но он является официальным и лицензированным дистрибьютором товара, в таком случае продавцу необходимо связаться с нашей службой поддержки и отправить соответствующую документацию, чтобы доказать, что он является официальным дистрибьютором товара.
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