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Advantages of Internal Currencies

It is now possible to purchase products instantly and without payment system commissions due to internal currencies. How does it work? For example, if an unregistered customer who purchases a product by using Perfect Money must pay the standard 0.5% commission for Perfect Money payment system, then the registered customer will be able to purchase the product by Perfect Money free of charge when using internal currencies.

Withdrawal News

To ensure customer and vendor safety from fraudulent activities, from now on, withdrawal of funds will no longer be automatic, but with the help of “support”.

Telegram Notifications

If you wish to be notified instantly of the purchase or sale of the goods, we recommend using the option to receive notifications by using Telegram. The telegram notification system works faster and more efficiently in comparison with the e-mail system. Simply follow these steps:1. Login to your account;2. Go to „My Account”;3. Choose „Notifications;4. Select „I would like to receive notification to Telegram”.If you have more questions related to the „Notifications” please contact Support!
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