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Communicating with your buyer: Tip for sellers

Communication is an important aspect of providing great customer service for buyers on BuySellVouchers marketplace. Effective communication creates a connection with buyers and can encourage repeat business. Here are some steps to make sure you are successfully communicating with buyers:

Communicate promptly

Responding to messages from Buyers in a timely manner ensures that your shoppers feel heard and supported, especially if they have a question. We recommend replying to buyers within a few hours of receiving their message. Setting aside time to read and respond to messages from buyers each day can make this an easier task.

Be clear and professional

Keep your messages simple and focused. Too many details or unclear expectations can lead to confusion and miscommunication. Be sure to address the buyer’s specific questions and provide only relevant information.

Handling order issues or difficult customers

Sometimes an order won’t go as expected and it’s important to remain objective and professional. This also helps if you’re responding to a negative review.

If you encounter an issue with an order, proactively contact the buyer to discuss the situation. Inform buyers as soon as possible if there may be a delay with their order and talk about the next step. Use this opportunity to confirm if the buyer can wait for the order or if you should refund them.

If a situation escalates, take some time before you write your response, since your communication is a reflection of your business.

Tips for Buyers:

How to dispute a transaction

If the item delivered by the seller doesn't work as expected or doesn't match the description of the listing and the seller is unable to resolve your issue in a timely manner, you can open a dispute by selecting the "I have not received the item, or the item I received does not work or not as advertised" option on the order screen.

After a dispute is opened, the 36-hour countdown for auto-complete is stopped and both you and the seller can try to reach a solution until either you decide to complete the transaction or escalate the dispute to be reviewed and decided by the Complaint Team. When the dispute is escalated to our Complaint Team we will contact both, the buyer and the seller, asking for additional information such as evidence that the item didn't work or wasn't as advertised.

Please, make sure to provide concrete evidence that the item received doesn't work as expected. Failure to provide evidence can cause the claim to be denied.

Escalating a dispute

If no solution between You and the Seller is reached, you will be able to escalate the dispute. If you do so, you agree that from the moment of the escalation, the Complaint Team will be the party who will decide the dispute.

Required Evidence for Gift Cards:

  • Fullscreen, uncropped, and an unedited screenshot of your account activation history from the time of the purchase until the moment the dispute is opened;
  • Fullscreen, uncropped, and an unedited screenshot of the error associated with the code activation attempt.
  • Fullscreen, uncropped, and an unedited screenshot of a chat with the Gift Card company’s Customer Support, asking for the redemption day and time of this code or what happened with the code/account.
  • For the seller: Photos of the gift card's purchase receipt and the scratched card code.

Required Evidence for In-Game Items:

  • Fullscreen, uncropped, and an unedited screenshot of your account trade history from the time of the trade until the moment the dispute is opened;
  • If available, an uncropped and unedited screenshot of any chat logs between you and the seller in-game;
  • If available, an unedited video of the transaction.

With the requested evidence, the Complaint Team will investigate further and will cancel the order, and issue a refund to the buyer if feasible. The buyer or seller may face punitive action if the Complaint Team finds either party is purposely defrauding the other.

The higher Seller rating, the more trustworthy is the seller. We recommend you to purchase products from sellers with high rating. Rating depends on the number of sales, as well as on positive and negative feedbacks. The negative feedback deducts 10 times more points from the rating, than a positive one adds.

On the Market, there are 5 Level groups of sellers. The higher the group, the more reliable seller.

Level group increases with the seller rating, but to get the Level 4 and 5 Level group without a document verification is not possible.

Sellers with 4 and 5 Level group are considered experienced and trusted sellers and in the event of a conflict with the sellers of this group, the administration is not intervene in the dispute, but trusts fully the sellers with high level group.

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