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Step 1

Sellers will list product(s) like gift or prepaid card(s) and others (serial/code(s))

Buyer will find the product(s) he is interested in.

Step 2

Once Buyer purchase the product(s) and payment is confirmed!

Seller Funds will be kept for 36 hours by Administration.

(As Security deposit)

Step 3

Buyer receives purchased product(s) immediately after payment confirmation.

Exception: Product(s) with manual delivery. (Delivered during seller working hours)

Buyer has 24 hours to check his purchased product(s), serial(s), code(s).

Recommendation: check the validity of the product right after purchase!

Before buying more product(s) from the seller.

If the product is not valid or is not complying with description, leave "Negative" feedback and specify what's wrong with the product.

Step 4

After 36 Hours, Seller funds will be deposited into his internal account.

Our Support team monitors all transactions and private messages to keep Buysellvouchers.com Market environments positive for Sellers and Buyers.

In case of any issues will step in to help you regulate any issues that you may encounter.