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奖金 Google Play Gift Cards 25 USD 16 14 24.75 USD
奖金 Google Play Gift Cards 10 USD 22 41 9.90 USD
奖金 PlayStation Cash Cards 10 USD. (USA) 5 6 9.90 USD
奖金 iTunes Gift Card 100 USD (USA Version) 15 17 98.00 USD
奖金 iTunes Gift Card 50 USD (USA Version) 34 21 49.00 USD
奖金 iTunes Gift Card 25 USD (USA Version) 196 77 24.50 USD

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We have added a new payments system – Tether ERC20

From now on you can use Tether ERC20 as a payment method for gift cards and vouchers trading.The main benefits of Tether ERC20:- High transaction speed.- Stable exchange rate (1 Tether USDT= 1 USD).This means that by using this currency, our customers will be protected from cryptocurrency fluctuations. We hope that the addition of the Tether ERC20 currency will make our platform more convenient to use.Currently available e-currencies and cryptocurrencies on our platform: PerfectMoney, Advcash, WebMoney, Bitocin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Tether ERC20 (USDT), Token BS. We will try to add new currencies over time.Note: Information for sellers. In order to use Tether ERC20 as a payment method for products, you need to update the „Product information” (attach Tether ERC20 as a payment method).

The information related to the registration process

From now on, two types of registration will be available: for the buyer and for the seller. This innovation will make registration faster and easier. Signing up for the buyer will only take a few clicks.