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$25 Gift Card to Noodles & Company Gift Card

Product information:
Product price: 12.50 USD Buy
Times sold : 0 Available : 3
Seller info:
Seller rating : 0 Registered : 02.10.2017
Additional information:
You are purchasing (1) $25 Gift Card to Noodles & Company. Pay using Paypal here at this link https://sowl.co/sVS8m

Please write me an email at requesting your gift card number after payment (wdhsml@gmail.com). I will email you the gift card as soon as possible within 12 hours via e-mail to you.
Thank you!


This card number CAN ONLY be used in the Noodles-World Kitchen App on your phone or on the Noodles & Company Website due to not having a paper or physical card (Easy Redemption Method See Below).

** Easy Redemption Method**

Download Noodles-World Kitchen App on your phone via the google play store or go to The Noodles & Company Website

1. Start New Order and select what you would like
2. Checkout
3. Select Noodles Crave Card(Your gift card number provided) then hit add card and then on the next screen hit buy now. You will then receive a confirmation email for your order
4. Go pick it up and enjoy your delicious meal!

* If your gift card is not used up completely it will save the card to the app and will make it easier for your next purchase*


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Instruction, How to Buy Amazon Gift Card with Bitcoin, Litecoin, PerfectMoney, AdvCash, ePay!

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