WebMoney wallet review: Sign up, Log in, verification, fees, security

WebMoney is one of the most used payment method in the BuySellVouchers e-marketplace. Let's find out what the WebMoney payment system is and how to use it properly. In this review you will learn how to register in the WebMoney payment system. The topics such as: WebMoney security, fees, deposit and withdrawal options will be discussed. At the end of the article we will summarize the pros and cons of the WebMoney payment system. We hope this review will help you better understand the specific of the WebMoney payment system.


WebMoney is an e-payment solution that many online forex brokers accept. The number of brokers that embrace WebMoney is growing, owing to the security and quickness that the service provides. Acceptance of all major currencies and the flexibility to manage massive transactions are further advantages for stockbroking platforms that take WebMoney. Forex traders might also profit from using brokers that allow this payment option. Because WebMoney is simple to use and charges only a tiny fee, even when traders are transfering large quantities of money. Furthermore, the business encourages users to utilize its goods regularly through many incentives and prizes.

What Is WebMoney?

WebMoney Transfer allows customers to make and receive payments from all over the world while also allowing them to retain their money online. To do so, the user must first construct a purse to accept payments and store the digital currency. WebMoney is one of the most widely used electronic wallets for depositing and withdrawing funds. WebMoney wallet may use to store, transmit, and receive money as well as pay for online purchases. The system allows you to have many purses, each of which protects by different resources and tangibles.

Here are some examples of successful handbags that are frequently used:

• WMR – Equals to Russian Rubles (RUR)

• WMZ – Equals to US Dollars (USD)

• WME – Equals to Euros (EUR)

• WMU – Equals to Ukrainian Hryvnias (UAH)

• WMB – Equals to Belarussian Rubles (BYN)

• WMY – Equals to Uzbek Sum (UZS)

MonoVM is committed to providing you with as many simple and secure payment methods as possible, making WebMoney a reliable and speedy payment option.

WebMoney Sign Up Process

1. Click On "Sign Up":

Then, in the worldwide format, input your cellphone number.

A phone utilized for the following purposes:

•Transaction security via SMS-code payment confirmation

•Finding WMID and swiftly restoring access.

2. Fill Up Your Personal Information:

For entire access to a system, including the ability to heal money, connect with payment cards, and use other features.

Webmoney cash out

3. Confirmation Of Your Phone Number:

The SMS code will be sent to you, which you must input in the following step.

Webmoney verification

4. Create A Password For Your Handbag:

Uppercase and lowercase letters, digits (0-9), and special characters are all acceptable.

The safest approach to keep a password is to create one that you can remember.

5. E-Mail Confirmation:

In your email account, you will get an email with a passcode. Click the link in your email or enter the code on the page.

WebMoney Login

To login on the WebMoney, follow these steps:

  • - Go to the WebMoney website.
  • - Click on the “login.”
  • - Enter your phone number or E-mail address.
  • - Enter your password.
  • - Enter the number from the pictures.There is another option available on the login site, you can just scan your QR code. And you are ready to go!

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WebMoney Fees

The business offers many methods for making and receiving online payments. It also accepts Euros, USD, Russian Rubles, BTC, Vietnamese Dong, and Ukrainian Hryvna as payment methods. When you obtain WM units, there is no price. Sending them costs 0.8 percent of each transaction, with a least 0.01 WM. The maximum amount varies based on the type of wallet to which the payments are being sent. Withdrawals are subject to a variety of currency conversion rates. WebMoney has no monthly fees, early termination fees, or other hidden charges. The following is a short rundown of the costs associated with the various WebMoney services.

WebMoney Fees Overview

• There is no payment for receiving WM units.

• WebMoney Processing (Merchant service): 1.5–2.5 percent, based on bank wire cost + turnover.

• Transact Automation Tool: - 0.8 percent (payable by the sender), with a maximum fee of $50 USD/Euro.

• WebMoney Settlements: - 1% commission with a maximum price of $1,000 USD/Euro.

• Transferring money from your WebMoney purse to your bank account incurs a 6% charge.

• Sending WM has a minimum cost of 0.01 WM per transaction.

• The maximum charge for sending WM differs depending on the purse in use

WebMoney Security System

WebMoney employs a variety of security procedures to ensure that each user is safe. All transaction data is encrypted using 128-bit encryption to provide the best level of security. Two-factor verification is also available on the mobile app. This means that, in combination with their email and password, consumers must enter a code received by SMS on their mobile device. In 2019, the company also launched VideoID, a new video identification technology. Users can utilize VideoID to verify their identification by exhibiting a national identity document on a smartphone or webcam.

This form of verification is faster than going to a registrar or a WebMoney verification center.

WebMoney Deposit Options

To deposit money to your e-wallet, first, choose the appropriate purse for the chosen currency, and then select the deposit method. There are various possibilities accessible. However, the techniques offered may vary depending on your location. You can use the money to deposit IQ Option after they have arrived. To do so, go to the deposit page and select WebMoney from the drop-down menu. Select the currency that corresponds to your WebMoney wallet. You'll be sent to the WebMoney login page, where you may sign in and finish the transaction. The monies will be added to your IQ Option balance immediately after that.

WebMoney Withdrawal Options

To make withdrawals with WebMoney, go to the withdrawal page and select the WebMoney purse in the desired denomination. Enter the WebMoney purse id and the amount you want to send. You can make withdrawals from your WebMoney wallet to your bank card, bank account, another e-wallet, or other payment methods as they reach your wallet. Hit the Transfer button to select the withdrawal option.

Where To Use The WebMoney Payment System

WebMoney Keeper is an Android app that provides users with many capabilities. So, here's a rundown of WebMoney Keeper's best features:

• You may use your bank card or WM card to make a deposit.

• You may add bank accounts using your 3D-secure technology, and you can use it to pay for a variety of services such as the Internet, mobile communication, online gaming, and so on.

• It also has a time tracking feature and can be used to purchase digital things.

More and more online stores are beginning to accept Webmoney as a payment method. For example, in the Buysellvouchers online marketplace you can buy and sell different types of e-products and goods with WebMoney.

Why to Choose WebMoney?

WebMoney may be your greatest friend when it comes to completing all of your online transactions with ease since it provides outstanding security and convenience when paying and receiving online payments. So, in my viewpoint, WebMoney is the way to go because it is simple to set up an account and conduct online payments. I have already explained the benefits of using it to cleanse your thoughts because of its safe structure.

WebMoney is a terrific platform with high capabilities available through its online site and apps. Some of WebMoney's core features include:

• No refunds and no early termination cost.

• Fraud detection and a free API.

• There is no monthly cost, a monthly minimum fee, or a PCI compliance fee.

• There is a web retailer interface and a business management system.

• There is high-end market assistance.

PerfectMoney VS WebMoney

WebMoney is a Russian digital payment system with a global user base of over 36 million. WebMoney is a digital payment system that allows users to send money and do purchases online while paying for them using WebMoney. On the other hand, Perfect Money is a platform that enables customers to make real-time payments and money transfers. PM-USD, PM-EUR, and PM-gold are the 3 currencies used in the system. When dealing with diverse payment systems, you may encounter the requirement to change one payment unit to another.

The following are some key distinctions between these two payment systems:

Deposit Options:

WebMoney: Bank transfer, prepaid card, credit card, e-currencies, and other methods.

PerfectMoney: Perfect Money exchanger, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin.

Withdrawal Options:

WebMoney: Withdrawals through WebMoney are subject to a 1% service fee.

PerfectMoney: You may only withdraw monies from your Perfect Money account straight to your bank account through their Perfect Money exchangers.

Transaction Fee:

WebMoney: It's free to sign up and receive WebMoney from other users. A fee of 0.8 percent charges when sending WM units to other accounts.

PerfectMoney: A 0.5 percent transaction fee charge.


I have covered all there is to know about WebMoney and how to use it on your phone or computer. This review covers all you need to know about WebMoney, including its description, perks, and how to open a new account. We did a lot of research to gather the best information about WebMoney based on customer ratings and the company's global brand worth.


• WebMoney payments are anonymous and may be done online or using a mobile app on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone.

• There is no need to provide the casino with your financial information.

• Because you must first load money or 'Top-up' your e-wallet, you have some control over the amount of money you transfer and are willing to risk losing.

• Using an e-wallet, this payment provider supports both banking transactions from and to casinos, and this approach is reasonably simple to use and execute.

• The money will be credited to your e-wallet within minutes of being approved by the casino.


• This payment option is not free; nevertheless, each transaction is charged a small cost of 0.8 percent, which is limited based on the purse selected. WebMoney agents may charge their fees.

• Not all casinos accept this payment option; others prefer to use more recognizable e-wallets.

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