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Angemeldet: 15.03.2010
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bonus Skype $50 Prepaid eGift Card 13 40 45.00 USD
bonus Skype $25 Prepaid eGift Card 29 22 23.70 USD
bonus Skype $10 Prepaid eGift Card 329 96 9.50 USD

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Information for sellers

After the transition to the new payment system, a list of available currencies appeared on your personal account on the section Wallet. You can choose for your goods the currencies for which you want to sell and then you will receive these currencies on your balance and withdraw them for 0%. But if you want to exchange e-currencies by yourself, then you can do it in the section Wallet> Exchange. Until 20 September 2019, there will be no commission fee for all exchanges for sellers.We have added a new e-currency - WebMoney (wmz, wme, wmr). In order to use it you need to add your wmid in the Wallet section.At the moment, some sellers will have a balance just in USD, without reference to any particular e-currency. To exchange this balance on any e-currency for 0% just write to our support.

The planned technical works

Due to the system update, related to the implementation of the new payment system and the new design, will be offline for a short time. After the completion of the technical works, you will be provided with a new, more advantageous payment system and a modern design. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and hope for your understanding.Kind Greetings, BuySellVouchers Team market is undergoing major changes

In the nearest future, a global reform of the market will be carried out. The reform will consists of 2 parts. Part I. A new payment system. The sellers will receive the same e-currencies for their goods paid by the buyers. If the buyer has paid for the goods by bitcoin, the seller also receives bitcoin on his account balance, and the same system is used for all currencies.The benefit from this innovation – the seller will not need to pay commission for e-currency exchange process.If the seller does not have a wallet in the desired payment system (e-currency wallet), then the seller will be able exchange e-currencies to his needed currency in our special section - Exchange.Part II. A new and modern design awaits you. It will be launched after the system update.Great changes are coming, stay tuned!
Heiße Neuigkeiten!